An Award From Sweden To Gaziantep's Transportation


Many projects and innovations in the field of transportation to minimize the disruptions in urban traffic Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality rewarded the results of these studies.

Two Turkish municipalities were awarded at the 'World Public Transport Summit and Fair' held in Stockholm, Sweden. Istanbul and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality were awarded with their projects in public transport.

Gaziantep Transportation Inc. (Gaziulaş), a subsidiary of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, which operates the public transportation business, was awarded the project for the integration of the bicycle rental system GaziBis with public transportation.

The annual “Public Transport Summit yapılan organized by the International Union of Public Transport (UITP), the world's largest organization in the field of public transport, was held this year in Stockholm, Sweden. In the project competition held within the scope of the summit, Gaziulaş's project entitled “Integration of GaziBis with Public Transport proj was deemed worthy of an award.

award on behalf of the Metropolitan Municipality of Turkey Swedish Ambassador Hakki Emre Yunta Gaziulaş General Manager Recep gave a slap.



Within the scope of the project, following the online membership made with Gaziantep Card, which is used for boarding all public transportation vehicles in the city, the cards become valid in GaziBis. GaziBis member cards provide free boarding to municipal public transport for one hour after bicycle rental. The use of bicycles with the project increased the 3 floor. Thanks to this project, both traffic congestion is prevented and environmental transportation is provided.

1 TL hourly service to promote the use of bicycles to promote the use of users are in great demand.

Turkey 7 from the exhibition in Stockholm attended by many companies, but it was stated that awarded the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep.



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