Mechanical Parts Theft from Train Wagons in Eskişehir

mechanic theft of train wagons in Eskisehir
mechanic theft of train wagons in Eskisehir

750 people were arrested in Eskisehir with the suspicion that they stole various mechanical parts worth about 2 thousand lira from the train wagons of the Turkish State Railways.

According to the information received, the teams of Eskişehir Provincial Gendarmerie Command started a study due to the warning of the stealing of various mechanical parts from the train wagons located in the park in Karagözler District. The 2 suspects who were arrested and detained with the operation organized in Eskişehir were sent to the courthouse after the operations in the gendarmerie.

The suspects were transferred to the court after the interrogation at the prosecution was released by the court on the condition of judicial control.

Suspects sold to a scrap dealer TCDD officials reported that the parts were delivered.

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