10 New Vehicle Added to Public Transport in Erzincan

new vehicle added to public transport in erzincanda
new vehicle added to public transport in erzincanda

Isuzu, which will be produced and made available to the people of Erzincan in Turkey Novocit Life and means of delivery ceremony was held in Novo Citi.

Erzincan Mayor Bekir Aksun, Erzincan Drivers and Automobile Chamber President Bedir Limon, Erzincan Urban Transportation Inc. Chairman of the Board of Directors Mehmet Albayrak's participation in the ceremony held 8 Qty Novo Citi Life and 2 Qty Novo Citi vehicle was delivered. Speaking before delivery, Isuzu Director Yusuf Teoman said in his statement; “Today, we have gathered here for the delivery of our low-floor Isuzu Novociti Life Velocity vehicles which will enable Erzincan people to travel more comfortably and safely within the scope of our cooperation with Erzincan Urban Transportation Inc. These vehicles, which can be easily traveled by our elderly and disabled citizens, have received the best design award both at home and abroad. I would like to thank Mr. Mayor Bekir Aksun who initiated the project with his vision and who contributed to the realization of this project and Mr. Mehmet Albayrak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Erzincan Urban Transportation Inc., who preferred our brand with his team. I wish the people of Erzincan to be auspicious and auspicious, thank you ”.

Speaking later, Mayor of Erzincan Bekir Aksun; Today, my dear fellow citizens have come together in the happiness of providing a new service at the point of transportation to Erzincan. I would like to congratulate the local transportation managers and all of my dear friends for their contributions. Erzincan, of course, deserves the best of service, especially for the elderly population to reach the point of transportation in order to make this new generation of vehicles in Erzincan made us all happy. On this occasion, I would like to express my gratitude to all of its partners for the transformation of a high amount of its earnings to the Urban Transport Cooperative for the purpose of renewing its company for investment. Erzincan is worthy of the best service in the eternal service and to offer the best service to all our units to act on the face of the city as soon as possible, our citizens will feel on this occasion to congratulate all my fellow countrymen at the service point and wish you all good use, ”he said.

After the speeches, the vehicles were delivered with a ribbon cut. The victim was cut and the vehicles were visited.

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