Blocking Delays High-Speed ​​Train Arriving in Sivas

obstructions delayed fast train arrival
obstructions delayed fast train arrival

Turkish Transport Sen Chairman Mustafa Albayrak, Sivas, related to the high-speed train planned to come from the 2005 year is very sensitive in this regard, he said.

2005 Sivas Sivas Chamber of Commerce in the period of Governor Hasan Canpolat held a meeting on the completion of the 2010 year reminded that the decisions taken at the point Albayrak, “Planned studies could not be fulfilled in time due to ground discussions. There was a debate about the high-speed train station. At this point, we wasted our 5 year so that the train station came here and here. Train stations are in the heart of the city. The train stations are centrally located all over the world. ”

There is no need for such discussions, Albayrak said. “This city is a retired and student city. You will come to Ankara from Sivas to 40-50 TL You will land in a remote area in Sivas and give a taxi to 50 TL and you will come home. The train is already entering the train station. It can enter the existing station on the train that will serve between Ankara and Sivas. He started high speed train works with us in Konya. 2 started flights between Ankara and Konya during the year. Expeditions in other provinces began when we discussed some issues. We have repeatedly explained that the High Speed ​​Station should be next to the existing station.

With the decision of our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the place became clear. There's work at the train station right now. This year, the work between Yıldızeli Sivas will end. Kırıkkale Elmadağ work continues quickly. There are no stops at the construction sites. Without the obstacles this year, the high-speed train would come to Sivas. This year we could not reach the high-speed train, but we think that the high-speed train will come to Sivas next year. Our problem is eating grapes. The high speed train is a great comfort and convenience. Thanks to the high-speed train, there is also activity in tourism. People come to Sivas in order to see the historical beauties kul. (Seref Gulmez- Sivas Memleket Newspaper)

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