Train Accident in Elazığ 1 Dead 2 Injured

elazigda train accident injured
elazigda train accident injured

Mine workers in the electric company Elazığ mine workers were hit by a train. 1 people were killed and 2 people were injured.

According to information received, the accident occurred between Sivrice and Maden district of Elazığ occurred at the level crossing. 34 FF 0142 plate light commercial vehicle under the management of Hakan Küçük, the employees of the electricity company Fırat EDAŞ, was hit by Kurtalan South Express train belonging to TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. The driver of the light commercial vehicle Hakan Kucuk, who was dragged about 300 meters, died and the 2 person was injured.

As a result of the train hit the vehicle returned to scrapped on the area of ​​the injured AFAD, health and gendarmerie teams, the wounded were removed from the city hospitals in the ambulances. Injured as a driver of the light commercial vehicle taken to the hospital Small, despite all the interventions recovered and lost his life.

It was learned that the accident occurred while Fırat EDAŞ employees resolved and returned the fault in Akbuğday village.

Gendarmerie launched an investigation into the accident.

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