Plovdiv-Edirne Train Expeditions with Tourism Attack

edirne filibe train services with tourism atagi
edirne filibe train services with tourism atagi

📩 04/06/2019 12:48

As a result of the agreement between TCDD and Bulgarian Railways, the train expedition between the European Capital of Culture Plovdiv and the Ottoman city of Edirne, which has been the capital of 2019 years for the Ottoman Empire, has reached the city center of Edirne with 92 passengers at noon. The city is expected to contribute greatly to tourism and trade.

the Hudutgazete's news from Olgay GÜLER; As a result of the agreement between TCDD and Bulgarian Railways, Plovdiv Edirne train services started. The first train departing from Plovdiv reached Edirne with 30 passengers at noon.

The first of the train services, which were decided to start in order to increase tourism and trade between the two cities, was held this morning. The train, with a capacity of 226 passengers departing from Plovdiv, reached Edirne at noon. A total of 30 Bulgarian citizens who came to Edirne by train left the station to visit and shop in various parts of the city.

“We will come to Edirne more comfortably”
Elif Radeva, a Bulgarian citizen who came to Edirne from Plovdiv by train, said that they are now happy to come to Edirne more comfortably. Radeva; “The journey was very good. With these train services, we will be able to come more comfortably. In summer days, Turkish citizens come from Germany more, customs are crowded, so it will be more comfortable to come by train. ”

Radeva also stated that the return of the train arriving at 12.15 at 17.00 gives them a very limited time for shopping; “Of course, the 5-hour period is not enough for shopping, but I think it is reasonable for a coffee and a stroll. I would like to thank those who put this practice into practice. ”

On the other hand, the train, which makes the Plovdiv Edirne expedition, consists of 2 wagons with a capacity of 2 passengers, two of which are the two-seat seated domestic wagon and one is the second-seat couchette wagon. The train that follows Plovdiv, Dimitovgrad, Svilengrad, Kapıkule, Edirne Central and Edirne Gar lines returns using the same line. The train, which travels 226 kilometers in 3 hours and 184 minutes, leaves Edirne at 4 and arrives in Plovdiv at 15. From Plovdiv, he gets up at 17.00 and reaches Edirne at 21.15. Train services will be held only on Saturdays and Sundays for now.

Plovdiv Edirne train journey idea T.Ü. It emerged on a trip to explore the Istanbul Sofia train line with the initiatives of Tourism Management and Hotel Management Department and Edirne Promotion and Tourism Association. After the trip, the report submitted to the regional directorate of TCDD in Haydarpaşa received the approval of the authorities. Following this development, in line with the efforts and initiatives of TCDD, Bulgarian Railways were contacted and train services were launched between 2 cities as of June 1, by making agreements between 2 railroads.

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