East Express 'Tam O An' Photo Contest Concluded

east express finalized photo contest
east express finalized photo contest

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the “Tam O An” East Express 2, which will be held under the auspices of the Turkish State Railways (TCDD), will take place on the Ankara-Kars route. National Photography Contest has been concluded.

Turkey organized with the approval of the Federation of Photographic Art, citizens of the interest to travel by train, the Orient Express to the withdrawal of Turkey's history and aims to reveal the unique power of the cultural aspects of the art of photography "Full O" Orient Express 2. Bedriye Budak won the first prize at the National Photography Competition, İsmet Soner Yılmazer won the second prize and Ahmet Harmancı won the third prize.

This year, the second competition, the first 10 thousand pounds, the second 7 thousand pounds, the third will be given 5 thousand pounds. In the competition, three nominees who are awarded the honorable mention will receive the 3'er thousand pounds.

2, which includes honorable mention and exhibition awards. 2, the award night of the National East Express “Tam O An” photography contest, will be held in Ankara Hotel in July.

Last year, 441 photographers participated in the contest, where thousands of 529 photographers participated in the contest.

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