Denizli Railway Station Does Not End Problems

marine train station does not stop problems
marine train station does not stop problems

The lack of personnel at Denizli Train Station leaves the passengers in a difficult situation. In some departments, the lack of information of the personnel working with temporary assignment creates problems.

No. 6461 Turkey railway system by changing the Law on the Liberalization of Transportation TCDD Train Station staff shortages experienced in Denizli, leaving passengers in the lurch. TCDD Transportation Co. and TCDD, and the 2 system has been implemented for years.

The latest example of this at Denizli Train Station was the section that gave the banderole to be affixed to the disabled cards of the disabled citizens who benefit from the train journeys free of charge. Instead of the officer who was working overtime, the officer who started the new shift did not dominate the work, leaving the visually impaired young people in a difficult situation and caused a reaction.

On the other hand, regardless of the disability of disabled citizens to come to the train station to stick to the card to stick to the issue of the citizens who expressed a separate problem for the disabled citizens,, Disabled people have disabled cards issued by the state. However, it is a separate problem for the bander to try to come to the railway station regardless of their obstacles. Ular

In addition, the absence of a director appointed by TCDD Transportation Inc. at Denizli Railway Station is considered as another problem at the station. (Denizlihab is)

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