Today in History: 4 June 1900 Sultan Abdulhamid's Hejaz Railway

hicaz rail
hicaz rail

Today in History
4 June 1870 has published the will of Edirne as the final point of the line that will extend to the Aegean Sea.
4 June 1900 donated 50 thousand pounds to Sultan Abdulhamid's Hejaz Railway. The sultan would also follow statesmen.
4 June 1929 1504 1923 has been approved by the company since the 1931, which has been running the Sirkeci-Edirne Line. Accordingly, the company would establish Turkish Corporation until 26.4. The exact nationalization of the Orient Railways was made by 1937 3156 date and XNUMX.
4 June 2004 Yahya Kemal Beyatlı and Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoğlu Express started the expedition.

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