25 Citizen Lost in Corlu Train Accident is Immortalized

corlu train accident is lost in the citizens we lost
corlu train accident is lost in the citizens we lost

Çorlu Municipality, 8 July 2018 history and train accident is immortalized by monument. 8 July 2019 The ceremony will be held on Monday and the monument will be opened and the names of our 25 citizens lost in the tragedy will be immortalized.

8 on July 2018 - Uzunköprü-Halkalı between the 6 wagon, 362 passenger and 6 personnel, the train, which was lost as a result of the overthrow of the train crash in the neighborhood of Sarılar 25 lost the memory of our citizens came to the final stage.

Çorlu Mayor Ahmet Sarıkurt, in my hand said that the train accident should not be forgotten and forgotten, 25 who lost their lives in memory of the wounded citizens once again wished healing. Mayor Sarıkurt stated that he felt the pain of our citizens who lost their sons, parents, siblings and spouses in their hearts and said: “8 2018 who lost his life in July 25 does not make any sense to our citizens. 8 July On 2018, we are still experiencing the pain of the accident caused by the failure of those responsible to fulfill their duties. At the end of the year, 1, the law struggle of the citizens who lost their relatives in the accident, is still continuing. The rights, law and justice of our citizens who lost their lives should be done, the real responsible must be revealed and accountable to justice.

We should never forget this accident, neglected people, missing works and above all our lost lives. As Çorlu Municipality, we approached the end of our study in order to keep the memories of our lives lost after the accident and to immortalize their memories.

In this context, 8 July We are immortalizing our painful losses by memorializing the history of 2018 and the train accident. The monument, designed by Çorlulu sculptor Ersin Alyakut, will be built on 5 m² pedestal. The height of the monument will be 7 meters, the top width will be 1 meters and the bottom width will be approximately 2.5 meters. In the memorial forest of Sarılar neighborhood, the lower pedestal of the monument, which will be built to be seen from the area where the accident took place, will have the 25 flower symbolizing our citizens who lost their lives in the train accident in front of the female figure, and the bird figure rising to the sky will be placed on the upper pedestal. ”

In the area where environmental regulations continue, the works will be completed in a short time and the opening ceremony of the monument will be held on July 8.

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