Signalized Intersection to Çaykışla

caykislaya signaling intersection
caykislaya signaling intersection

📩 28/06/2019 14:04

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Erenler Çaykışla region has started the construction of new signalized intersection. Refuge and asphalt operations will begin in a short period of time at the intersection works that have been completed in the foundation paving works.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department continues to take necessary steps for safe transportation. Erenler'e Çaykışla neighborhood of D-100 turn over the signalized intersection work has been started to become more healthy. Signalized intersection; will be put into service after completion of basic laying, refuges and asphalt works. In a statement made by the Directorate of Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination, it was stated that the works will continue for the drivers to realize a more comfortable and safer ride.

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