Horse and Car Prices Paid to Carriages in Antalya

carriage horse and car fare in Antalya
carriage horse and car fare in Antalya

10 in Antalya In June 2019, phaetonmen whose activities were terminated were paid horse and car prices by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. Each coachman was paid 2 thousand TL in 20 horse and car price.

Environmentally friendly and respectful of animal rights with the understanding of municipality in Antalya, the decision to end the carriage activities in the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality fulfilled its promise to the coachman. Within the 21 carriage coach in Antalya, 5 thousand TL, 10 thousand TL in the car price, including 420 thousand TL was paid. 5 carriage in Alanya and Manavgat will be paid after the documents are completed.


Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Financial Services Revenue Branch Directorate phaetonmen who delivered their money, said they were pleased to fulfill the promises given to them. The owners of the carriage expressed their excitement of starting to work in the Metropolitan Municipality and expressed their gratitude to the Mayor of Antalya Muhittin Böcek who solved this problem without sacrificing themselves.


As a result of the decision taken after the extraordinary UKOME Meeting, 10 in Antalya was stopped as of June 2019. Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Muhittin Böcek, after the decision of the phaetonists themselves or one of the relatives of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality will be hired announced. Following the example of Turkey, which was highly acclaimed and condition of the carriage horses that this decision was taken care of in their new habitat at Zoo Antalya. The decision of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, the carriage horse and car price as a decision to pay 20 thousand TL came out. 12 Following the decision taken at the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality on June 2019, the payment of horse and phaeton was made.

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