Canray Signature in Electric National Train Project

canray signature in electric national train project
canray signature in electric national train project

Canray Transportation, the company of Yeşilova Holding crowning its 44 years of aluminum experience in the rail systems sector, has become one of the project partners of the Electric National Train to be realized in cooperation with TÜVASAŞ. The authorities who came together at Sakarya facilities for the project to be implemented by TÜVASAŞ in 2019, entrusted Canray Transportation with the production of the entire interior dressing group, including ceiling, luggage rack, side wall, landing, and glass & frame.

Dubai, Riyadh, as well as Paris metro cities of Hanoi, the Netherlands and Italy as well as the countries of the subway system that performs the train interior trim production Canray Transportation, the experience gained in the sector will use this time to Turkey. Ali İhsan Yeşilova, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yeşilova Holding, emphasized that those who hold the pulse of the sector correctly come to the fore in every period and said, “Canray Transportation was a good system designed in the R & D infrastructure of Yeşilova Holding. When we turned our investment points in this direction thanks to our material and engineering knowledge, we were not surprised that the process came here, but it was an important determinant that made us secure on the way we went. Especially in this area to make production for Turkey pride for us, "he said.


stating that Turkey's rail systems projects is made in advance by the European and global major producers in China Canray Transportation General Manager Ramazan Ucar, 'For many years, both engineering both material on this subject was the point dependent on outside our country in terms of design competence but today in such an important project We can see how Turkish companies improve their competencies. The fact that Canray is among these companies is also quite exciting for us. We have made many productions about rail systems and have carried our knowledge and experience all over the world. It is a great pleasure for us to offer this comfort to our citizens today. ”

Stating that they take an active role not only in production but also in design development activities with the agreement and emphasizing that the first delivery will be at 2019 in October, Uçar said, ız We will have wagons to be produced with the people of our country and our country on the rails of this country artık.

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