Testing Works at Çamlıca Tower will be commenced at the end of the year

camlica tower test work will begin at the end of the year
camlica tower test work will begin at the end of the year

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M. Cahit Turhan, Küçük Çamlıca TV-Radio Tower, `` So far we have made a progress of 85 percent. Our goal is to start testing at Çamlıca TV Tower at the end of this year. ”

Minister Turhan, Small Camlica TV-Radio Tower, said in a statement to reporters, the completion of the project approached by step-by-step, an important breakthrough for radio and television broadcasting in the Çamlıca TV-Radio Tower expressed his satisfaction.

Emphasizing that radio and television are the most popular and widespread means of communication, information and entertainment, Turhan said:

Inda In the age of informatics, it is still the most effective means of communication reaching all segments of society… These means of communication have undergone significant changes as a result of technological developments. Çamlıca Tower is a project of great importance at this point. It is important in terms of preventing the antennas, which are necessary for radio and television broadcasting, to pollute the skyline of Istanbul. Because in the broadcasting field that has been going on in our country, every television or radio company has established its own transmitter tower and Çamlıca hill has turned into a metal forest. Because these transmitters are extremely ugly.

With the Çamlıca TV Tower, most of the radio transmitters, including the radio transmitters, will be removed and collected on a single tower. Furthermore, this tower, with its structural height of 369 meters, will not only be a new TV and radio tower in terms of function, but will also be an iconic structure for Istanbul. Likewise, the 10 tower, built on a thousand square meters area and 587 meters above sea level, will become one of Istanbul's new tourist centers. At this point, the panoramic elevators to be used in the tower will be placed along the 180 meter facing the historical peninsula on one side and the Black Sea coast on the other. 4,5 will serve an average of million people every year when the cruise floors and restaurants are in service. As of today, 45 floor of 30 floor, that is, 202,50 meter between 72,50 meter and 130 meter elevations, has been completed. In the near future, we will accelerate the broadcasting infrastructure works by finishing heavy productions. Within the scope of publishing productions, the related floors are 36, 37, 38, 42 and 43. We will start to place equipment such as coupler, transmitter cooler on the floors in July. So far, we have made 85 percent progress. Our goal is to start testing at Çamlıca Tower at the end of this year. From the beginning of 2020 to the first quarter, a significant portion of the antennas on the Çamlıca Hill, which create image pollution, will be cleaned step by step. ”

“Tireless running with love”

Cahit Turhan, Turkey and making investments Istanbul just they think the people with love for it, stating that they worked zealously, the world's largest project of what they did to Istanbul the 5, said they opened a service new projects.

Turhan continued his speech as follows: “Unfortunately, only those who are in love with the seats will be disturbed by this situation and they are seeking to stop these projects. But would they know that for this country, tıkayamazs the front of your investments for the future of Turkey. İstanbul We will not build Istanbul Airport, we will not build Marmaray, we will not build Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, we will not build Eurasia Tunnel, we will not build Çamlıca Tower 'and now we will say Biz We do not build Canal Istanbul'. Instead of doing much better as the promise of elections, they talk about nothing but demolishing, blocking, closing. Already the nation for years instead opens the horizon to draw Turkey's horizon stop projects they're talking about. Whenever an industrial and technology movement emerged in this country in their political history, they tried to prevent it with the suggestions of the foreign powers. After that, they won't be able to.

We 16 years, night and day Turkey's development, we strive for the welfare of our nation. Since November, 2002 has been pouring sweat to ensure that our country develops, strengthens, transport, agriculture, education, health, economy and tourism. We never tired of working until today. Because running with love is tireless. We did not pursue the authorities, positions, seats as some ran. Like these politicians who have lost their hearts with our country and our nation, we did not expect any outside medet. We have endeavored to serve our nation's resources with the power and support of this nation. We are working to make everything local and national. ”

Turhan, Camlica TV Tower already in Istanbul, the country and wished to be beneficial to citizens, he said.

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