Varsak Bus Station Rail System Line to be Opened at the End of July

If there is a bucek bus station rail system line will be opened at the end of July
If there is a bucek bus station rail system line will be opened at the end of July

Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Muhittin Böcek 3. The stage examined the ongoing works on the Rail System Line. Emphasizing that the flights on the Varsak-Otogar route, which was opened before the 31 March elections, were stopped by the contractor company after the elections for the purpose of performing technical tests, Mayor Böcek stated that X 3. The Stage Rail System will be opened from the bus station to Varsak. ”

3 since his inception. Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Muhitin Böcek, who closely follows the process regarding the Stage Rail System line, SözcüDr. Prof. Cem Oğuz and Head of Transportation Planning and Rail System Department Hülya Atalay. Rail System Construction employees working in the field greeted President Bug, tunnel section of the construction also toured.

President Böcek, 31 March 2019 1, which was put into service some time before the local elections, but 2019 has been stopped by 3 in April XNUMX in order to detect technical deficiencies. He said that the works are continuing for the Stage Rail System to start carrying passengers between the Varsak-Otogar line.

Pointing out that the system should pass the 28 test in terms of traffic and passenger safety, Mayor Böcek said, “The 28 test was extremely important for safety of life and property. This place was stopped by the contractor before I bought mazbatam. We immediately held meetings with our friends and accelerated the process. ”

President Bug, 3 as of the end of July. Staging the Rail System Line from Otogar to Varsak will be opened and said,, I thank all my colleagues. We will have opened the service of our beloved Kepezli fellow citizens at the end of July without any trouble. Until then, the 28 test will be completed. ”

3. The total length of the Stage Rail System Line from Varsak to Zerdalilik is 24 km. President Böcek said that the works are continuing for the rest of the line. Mayor Böcek said, ince After the bus station, the tunnel will continue to work. We will reach the nostalgia tram line from Akdeniz University and Meltem and continue our works with a total of 24 km ”.

1 As of April 2019, the contractor firm, which was completed between Varsak-Otogar and even stopped the system, completed the vehicle-station and route clearance compliance tests, electrical infrastructure-catheter system-disassembly and transformer connection tests and system navigation time-on-route junction signaling time determination tests. . The contractor company continues to work on station naming, ticket system and disabled orientation. The construction of these works is expected to be completed by the end of July. After that, the temporary acceptance of the 11 km line between Varsak-Otogar, presentation to the Metropolitan Municipality council and transfer of the contract to Transportation Inc. under the conditions will be realized.

Bus Station Interchange Tunnel
On the other hand, 24 is 3 km. Stage Rail System Line's Bus Station Area buildings located between Sakarya Boulevard and Dumlupınar Boulevard and Varsak storage area activities are continuing. The tunnel, which will provide the passage of the Bus Station Junction, is under the 24 meter length under the 1300 meter and the works are underway. In addition to the tunnel works, studies were started for Akdeniz University, which is the continuation of the Varsak-Bus Station Line.

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Tender Announcement: Car Rental Service

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