BursaRay Target More Healthy Transportation

bursarda target more healthy transport
bursarda target more healthy transport

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, to see the functioning of transport and meet the expectations of the citizens on the subway chatted to meet. Organized Industrial Zone from the station to Gökdere BursaRay passengers listening to the views and demands of President Aktas, Bursa, they have shown their efforts to make transportation more healthy, he said.

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, met with the intense interest of citizens in the metro journey. Organized Industrial Zone from Bursa to Gökdere journey and consultations with citizens who make the President Aktaş, they have established empathy in all studies, before they make a service to the citizens of the citizens said. Emphasizing that they prioritize health and comfort while carrying out transportation investments, Mayor Aktaş said, uz We see serious responses to the steps we have taken regarding transportation. Traffic congestion in Bursa, 2017 in 68. 5 on the '2018' with the ordinary 'percent 160 decline. lined up. 92 is a very important development in order progress. By Tom Tom navigation company continent 6, 56 403 in the country and study in the city, 10 biggest change was seen in the city of Bursa in Turkey, "he said.

Mayor Aktaş, told the citizens of the metro journey to make consultations, to make empathy and to see the functioning of the site. Mayor Aktaş thanked the citizens traveling to BursaRay for their contributions and insights. “There was a healthy and decent environment in general, but shortcomings and shortcomings were passed on to us. Hopefully, we will eliminate them with the works we will do, and we will ensure that a healthier mode of transportation emerges if it is granted..

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