Bursalı Exporters Logistics Inc. Performs the Fastest Export of Its History

bursali exporters carry out the fastest export of logistic as history
bursali exporters carry out the fastest export of logistic as history

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) is a subsidiary of BTSO. air cargo transportation started in Yenişehir Airport in April accelerated foreign trade operations of exporting companies. Logistic Inc. is preferred by many companies in different sectors. and Bursa companies have already started to receive positive returns from their partners abroad.

Turkey's identity with producing city of Bursa, the development of the logistics process exports close to $ 15 billion aims to further increase. BTSO has set up new action plans to improve the export of business world in Bursa which competes with the world in strategic sectors such as automotive, machinery, textile and food. The face of the business world with laugh. BTSO Logistics Inc. managed to minimize the time and cost loss for the companies. BTSO, which provides air cargo facilities of Bursa Yenişehir Airport to the use of the business world, enables companies to deliver their products more effectively all over the world with this application.


Osman Nuri Canik, a partner of Elvin Textile, said that in April, he had sent the product to the first cargo flight carried out by Lojistik A.Ş. One of the leading home textile companies in Turkey's Elvan 90 percent, indicating that exports of textile production Canik, "Export is an important item for us. In this sense, the use of Bursa Yenişehir Airport in air cargo transportation made our jobs much easier. All of our companies have to own this project. Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as in many other subjects, took on an important mission by leading the way. Previously we were using air cargo service over Istanbul. Our products were waiting for long periods for customs clearance. The first export from Yenişehir to Belgium gave us an important time like 1 days. Yen


Noting that Europe is the most important export market for its companies, Canik said, olduğun The biggest advantage of our country from the Far East countries is its closeness to Europe. We make our production more quickly and to deliver a significant advantage for Turkey. Yenişehir Airport plays an important role in this respect. According to Istanbul, we had a daily advantage of 1. Today, we are welcomed by our customers on the same day.

”We got positive conversions AL

Öztekstil Purchasing Manager Yildirim Eigenvalu, who benefited from the advantages of BTSO Lojistik AS, said that as a company, they continuously improve their export channels. In Turkey, Germany, the UK, Poland and Spain, which exports to the world brand companies that expresses the Eigen value, yapt Yenişehir Airport air cargo service is very important to give. Several times abroad Logistics we have sent our product with. We are all satisfied. It is important that our products reach directly and quickly from Yenisehir to countries where we export our products and to some locations. Our customers can request the early access of certain products. This also increases the satisfaction of our customers. All of our companies should benefit from Logistics AS, which provides important contributions to our company. Firm

Under the leadership of BTSO Lojistik AS, it provides direct access to the Middle East and Asian countries with the support of MNG Kargo and logistics companies. 60 has a temporary storage area of ​​1,5 and provides the opportunity to export its products to world markets in a short time such as 1.5. The center was able to send products to many countries in the US and Europe during the XNUMX monthly period.

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