Thief Brake to Trains in Izmir

burglar brake on trains in izmir
burglar brake on trains in izmir

Fiber monitoring cables and braking systems 7 were stolen 14 once a month on the railway line in Izmir where İZBAN and commuter trains pass. 100 thousand pounds thieves that caused public harm also endangered the lives of citizens

YeniasırAccording to the news from Metin Burmali; Özellikle Especially in İzmir Karşıyaka and Aliağa İZBAN and commuter trains used the railway line, TCDD'ye signaling cables and Automatic Train Stop (ATS) called brake systems last 7 month was stolen 14 times.

As if they did not endanger their own lives, it was learned that the cable thieves, who ignore the lives of the citizens of the train journey, have caused 100 thousand pounds public damage so far.


The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) in railways material that has upset thieves operating in Izmir.

According to the information reached by the new century, izban and suburban trains used signal lines on the railway lines with fiber monitoring cables called ATS, and the potential risk of accidents in the opposite direction of the two trains from the opposite direction to prevent collision of the head of the car was stolen many times by thieves.


Especially in the last 7 months Karşıyaka and 14 separate theft occurred on the railroad in Aliağa Railway Line. Stolen the 100 thousand pounds to the public due to the theft of materials brought from abroad, said.

As well as the moral aspects of the damage to learn the spiritual dimensions, transport experts drew attention to the danger on the rails.

Experts said that the failure of the signaling system on railway lines or the ATS system on rails that allow trains to automatically brake could cause a major catastrophe in the event of a possible collision.


Signalization of railroad traffic and control of trains, ATS'nin train despite the red signal to continue the path, a possible crash scenario, automatic braking is activated by experts indicating that theft could lead to catastrophe, he said.


“Thieves think they work professionally with special gloves, but they endanger the lives of both themselves and citizens. TCDD teams intervene immediately after the theft breakdowns, but during the installation of new cables IZBAN and commuter train delays are experiencing. Both citizens are victims and material damage occurs. Some of the personnel are also involved in the half-day security procedures due to theft. This leads to a loss of labor and time. No matter where you look, it is a great loss to the public. ”

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