Important Breakthrough for Vocational High Schools from BTSO

btsodan important moves for vocational high schools
btsodan important moves for vocational high schools

The first meeting was held within the scope of the 'Development of Vocational Education Project' initiated under the leadership of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry and expected to be an important model in strengthening vocational and technical education.

BTSO, which has made significant contributions to the vision of school-industry cooperation with the projects it has implemented, continues to support the development of vocational and technical education. 14 pilot school is aimed to be thematicized in high technology areas within the scope of 'Improving Vocational Education Project ğı prepared by BTSO in cooperation with Bursa Provincial Directorate of National Education with the support of BEBKA and business organizations. With the project where each school is matched with business organizations and BTSO Sector Councils that are suitable for its field, machinery, equipment and workshop investments will be realized in schools in order to improve the quality of education in line with the needs of the business world.


Within the scope of BEBKA's X Improving Vocational Education ”program with a total budget of 17 million TL; The project will be carried out with the co-financing support of BTSO, business organizations and industrialists. Applications will be completed by June 16. Before the applications, school administrators, representatives of business organizations and BTSO Sector Councils met at the BTSO Service Building and evaluated the projects prepared by 2019 school.


Speaking at the opening of the meeting, BTSO Board Member Osman Nemli said that they have carried out works with the aim of transforming the Bursa industry into high value added and high technology intensive sectors. Stating that the transformation in the industry will be possible with the training of qualified human resources, Nemli said that they have started the Mesleki Development of Vocational Education Project bu. 'Our institutions that train human resources also need to change in accordance with the transformation in the industry,' said Nemli. “We aim to thematicize the 14 pilot school in the fields of high technology such as informatics, micro mechanics, micro electronics and aviation. Each of our schools is matched with industry stakeholders and sectoral councils operating within the Chamber, depending on the branch and region. Our project management business model vocational training constitutes an important example for all of Turkey, I believe. "He said.


After the meeting, business partners shared their views and pointed out that the project will initiate a comprehensive transformation in vocational training. BOSİAD President Rasim Cagan, projects implemented under the leadership of the BCCI said that he saw as one of Turkey's liberation project. Çağan stated that the project will consist of three stages: the education of the student, the education of the instructor and the improvement of the infrastructure in the schools. We are hopeful as business world. The quality of vocational and technical education will increase with the improvement of the equipment of our schools. This situation will contribute to the change in the perception of vocational technical education especially in parents and children. ”


BUIKAD President Oya Eroglu, the business world demanded Bursa, the project will make significant contributions to the training of qualified workforce in strategic areas, he said. Stating that they matched with Yenicabat Health Vocational High School within the scope of the project as BUİKAD, Eroğlu said, “We are especially pleased to be a stakeholder of the project as an association with a vision of participation of women in business life and increasing women employment. We will make every effort to provide benefit to the students in our school..


UTİB Board Member Osman Nuri Canik specifying the model of the project would be Turkey, "Industrialists and technical schools, bringing together around the same table this project will be a very good start. While technology is developing rapidly, our schools may have remained static. Thanks to the project, our schools will be equipped to meet the requirements of the age. ” Bursa Provincial Directorate of National Education Branch Director Bülent Altıntaş said that for the first time sector representatives on vocational and technical education have taken important steps together within the scope of the Mesleki Development of Vocational Education Project '. Altintas stated that they aim to ensure the long-term cooperation, and stressed that both schools and industrialists will benefit greatly from the project.


Project Coordinator Prof.Dr. Dr. Mehmet Karahan informed the participants about the objectives and processes of the project. Meeting, BTSO Celal Sonmez Sports High School, Demirtaşpaşa MTAL, Hürriyet MTAL, Martyr Ömer Halisdemir MTAL, Tophane MTAL, Yeniceabat MTAL, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Gürsu MTAL, Atatürk MTAL, Hüseyin Özdilek MTAL, BTSO Hayri Terzioğlu MTAL, Şehit Erol Olçok MTAL, Trade Vocational High School, Ali Osman Sonmez Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School and Gorukle Trade Vocational High School has finished after the project presentations prepared by.

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