Boztepe Will Be The Focus Of Interest Of Tourists

Boztepe will be the Focus of Interest of Tourists
Boztepe will be the Focus of Interest of Tourists

Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Hilmi Güler stated that the 11 villas and 5 villas with 1 apartments and XNUMX units will bring a different attraction to the region.

'Four Seasons Touch the Clouds' project President Güler said that the project would be an important achievement for the Army, için To increase the attractiveness of Boztepe, we want the facilities to end soon and make the Army more beautiful and attractive'.


Güler said that the 'Four Seasons Touch the Clouds' Project is an important investment for local and foreign tourists who are planning to come to Ordu. Dokun Besides many domestic and foreign tourists, foreign companies also want to come to our province. The Chinese will soon come to the Chinese Ambassador to Ordu. We have conversations with the Germans and the Italians. We want to welcome them here. Therefore, the places where future guests can stay outside, stay and relax can be extremely important. When the landscaping is done, we will have a significant investment. We want to finish these facilities and offer them a service. Our goal is to make the Army more beautiful and more attractive Ama.


Mayor Güler stated that they will carry out activities towards tourism in Ordu as Metropolitan Municipality., In addition to Boztepe, we also carry out activities in touristic areas which are important for our city. Our work at Çambaşı continues at full speed. Mesudiye, Fatsa, Unye and also the archaeological excavations in the Castle Castle are being reopened. We are working on touristic facilities and the use of the sea. Konu We will have an important and intensive work program in which we will share its scope for tourism in the coming days önümüzdeki.

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