Bornova Traffic Breathable Project

bornova traffic to breathe project
bornova traffic to breathe project

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to implement projects to ease urban transportation, opens a new connection road between Bornova Evka 3 Neighborhood and Ankara Street. When the project is completed, the distance to connect to the motorway will be reduced by half.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which brings a new breath to the city transportation with its highway overpasses and new zoning roads, has begun to work on the 3 meters long 129 meters wide 19 meters wide road in Bornova Evka650 Neighborhood. Metropolitan Municipality paying the expropriation fee over 25 thousand liras, Evka600 neighborhood will provide direct transition from the industrial zone to Ankara Street. 3 / 129 intersection to connect to the motorway entrance junction 7 meter road is required to go to the completion of the new road, this distance will be reduced to 1300 meters.

Trees will be moved to another area
Within the scope of the work initiated to relieve the traffic in the region, 62 olive tree located on the reconstruction road will be transferred to another green area with permission from the District Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry. Metropolitan Municipality, which gives great importance to the green texture of the city, will keep the olive trees to be taken from the region in accordance with its technique. He will then transfer to a suitable green space.


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