Additional Trip to YHTs at Bayram, Added Extra Wagon to Regional Trains

additional flights to high-speed trains in Ramadan
additional flights to high-speed trains in Ramadan

The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan reminded that millions of citizens will travel due to the holiday of Ramadan.

Turhan, TCDD Transportation Inc. by Ramazan Feast due to Ankara-Istanbul (Sogutlucesme) line today and 8-9 additional high-speed train (YHT) in June, said the flights will be done.

Turhan, the transfer of additional HRCs from Ankara 11.15, Istanbul (Söğütlüçeşme) 17.00'da moving will transfer, Izmir Blue Train, Konya Blue Train, Eastern Express, South-Kurtalan / Van Lake Express, Erciyes Express, Toros Express, Firat Express, Pamukkale Express and regional trains added to the extra wagon said.

50 bin in mainline trains, 3 bin 300 additional pulman seats in YHTs, and a capacity increase of one thousand 200 berths in bed wagons, Turhan pointed out, is ready for the holidays.

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