Batman insists to demand a bus

batmanlilar insists on demanding raybus
batmanlilar insists on demanding raybus

More workers between Adana-Mersin Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Raybüs of time, to be launched in Diyarbakır-Batman Batman has launched initiatives in some circles.

Some circles in Batman started an initiative to start TCDD Raybus flights between Adana and Mersin and to start between Batman and Diyarbakır. Some citizens pointed out that Ray Raybus al can take place faster and more passengers instead of regional train: Bat Batman is one of the Gar stations where most passengers travel after Diyarbakır in the region. The regional train runs twice a day between Diyarbakir and Batman. The current train is inadequate. We want the Batman route to be included in the 'Raybus'. There's passenger potential here. Batman easily removes Raybus. Iler (Abdullah Tureli - batmançağdaş)

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