Metro Station and Streets Flooded After Rainfall in the Capital

heavy rainfall in the capital subway stations turned goals
heavy rainfall in the capital subway stations turned goals

📩 10/06/2019 11:47

The heavy rainfall in the capital caused floods in many businesses, houses, streets and streets. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş'ın orders of the Metropolitan Municipality teams were canceled.

Taking into account after the floods occurred in the metropolitan teams, launched an intensive work in the field. Mayor Yavaş expressed condolences to the families and relatives of the citizens who lost their lives due to floods.


Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, announced on the social media that the teams of the Metropolitan Municipality carried out uninterrupted work for the evacuation of the accumulated water after the floods experienced after the rainfall realized at 5 times of the season normals.

Stating that more than 1000 personnel including ASKI, Fire Department, AKOM, Science Works, Urban Aesthetics Department and Environmental Protection and Control Department teams have been assigned, Mayor Yavaş explained that 200 bus and 724 bus are working in the field.


Press and Public Relations Department teams have identified individual damaged points throughout the capital. Blue Table staff also transferred the notices from the citizens to the relevant units instantly.

The teams are especially Etimesgut Infantry District 2222 where rainfall is intense. Street, Etimesgut Istasyon Street, Sincan Lale Underpass, Sincan Polatli 2 Street Underpass, Eryaman, Etimesgut-Elvankent Ring Road connection, Wonderland Metro Station, Turkish Kizilay Street, Altay neighborhood and Karatas neighborhood struggled with floods until morning.


Mayor Yavaş stated that coordination teams were established in Metropolitan Municipality and he made the following statements to the citizens of Baskent:

Nedeniyle Due to the floods that occurred after a strong rainfall in our capital, the permits of our Fire Brigade and ASKI teams have been canceled and all of our units intervene in the events that may occur in the field.

In addition, the teams affiliated to the Department of Science and Urban Aesthetics continue their efforts to solve the problems of our citizens.

The permissions of our 153 Blue Table teams have also been revoked and 24 serves on the basis of the XNUMX clock for our citizens to submit their notices and requests.

Together with all metropolitan district municipal teams, we are vigilant to reduce the adverse consequences of rainfall and catastrophe, which is normally about 5 times that expected. The coordination team established in our municipality will closely follow the process until it returns to the usual situation.

We will realize our projects urgently to provide infrastructure services of our city that have been neglected for years without taking any excuse. Our determinations in this regard have been completed and efforts have been initiated to overcome deficiencies. It will be our priority to permanently solve the infrastructure problem of Ankara.

In this way, I wish God's mercy on our precious fellow citizens who lost their lives and condolences to their families and relatives. ”


Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Hüseyin Özcan, EGO General Manager Faruk Akçay, Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Kemal Çokakoğlu, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Chief Advisor Servet Avcı, Head of Science Affairs Erol Gündüz, ASKI General Directorate officials and Ankara Fire Department Head Salih Kurumlu by visiting the spots one by one, found examinations.

Stating that they take into consideration the notices received from ALO 153 Blue Table and 112 Urgent as well as the notices made via social media, Mayor Yavaş informed the citizens about the activities as follows:

EG -EGO General Directorate of Rail Systems

- Bus Office: 724 bus,

- Over the construction of 200,

- ASKI: 230 personnel, 50 over construction machine (sewer truck, mobile pump vehicle)

- Environmental Protection and Control Department: 30 team,

-Fire Department: 220 personnel, 65 vehicle, 140 pump, 14 team, total 40 team together with separate fire department,

- City Aesthetics Department: 27 vehicle, 43 staff,

- Press and Public Relations Department: 15 Press staff, 33 Blue Table staff (total 48 person)

-Fence Affairs, Güvercinlik Headquarters: 15 officer, 13 formen, 2 chief driver, 4 chief driver assistant, 10 field control, 113 driver, 75 operator, 45 worker. Regions: 18 officer, 15 land control, 48 driver, 58 operator and 25 worker are working without interruption. ”

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