Bridge Collapsed in Bangladesh Passenger Train Flew to River!

In Bangladesh-bridge-too-passenger-train-of-river uctu
In Bangladesh-bridge-too-passenger-train-of-river uctu

A bridge passing over a train collapsed in Sylhet, Bangladesh. In the accident that occurred, at least 7 people were killed, while hundreds of injuries were reported.

In Bangladesh, there was an accident in the Udayon Express, which sailed between Sylhet city and the capital city Dhaka. While leaving the city of Sylhet, the wagons of the passenger train passing over the bridge fell into the river with the collapse of the bridge.

About 2 hours after the accident, officials said that 65 was recovered from the wounded and 7 bodies were removed from the river. Authorities, many ambulances and security forces were referred to the accident instead of the incident may be too much loss of life, he said.

Citizens living in the region flocked to the scene they helped the survivors were observed. Search and rescue teams and work organized by citizens continues.

Günceleme: 24/06/2019 11:49

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