A highway like highway to Boztepe, the heart of army tourism

army tourism
army tourism

Transportation to Boztepe, which is at the heart of Ordu tourism, as a viewing terrace of local and foreign tourists, has a healthy standard with a high standard. Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Hilmi Güler said that on the road, 6 km of which has hot asphalt and which is taken to 3 lanes, the line works are completed for safe transportation.

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to transform the roads that provide transportation to the tourism centers of the city, as well as neighborhood roads, into a comfortable structure. In this context, the final was approached on the road, which was launched in 530 to provide a high standard transportation to Boztepe with an altitude of 2017, and was taken to 3 lanes with the expansion works. Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Hilmi Güler stated that when the road with a total length of 7.2 km is completed, transportation to Boztepe will be more comfortable.


Stating that the attractiveness of Boztepe is increasing day by day, Mayor Güler said, “Boztepe attracts local and foreign tourists day by day with an increasing momentum. We prepare the necessary infrastructure to meet this demand and increase the satisfaction of our guests. Transportation is very important in tourism all over the world. There is a cable car to Boztepe, but the existing road was narrow and did not meet the standards. Tour buses were having problems going to Boztepe. With the work initiated by our Department of Transportation, 40 thousand m3 excavation, 15 thousand meter3 filling, 22 meter500 stone wall manufacturing, 3 m culvert and 50 m reinforced concrete wall manufacturing were realized. 120 km of the road, which has a total length of 7.2 km, had hot asphalt until the end of 4,60. As a result of the ongoing works, the 2018 km route has met completely hot asphalt as of today. We have completed the line works for road safety, as well as our traffic marking and sign work. In the remaining 6 km, we have excavation, filling and rainwater line works. When these studies are completed, we will quickly start on hot asphalt. ”


Stating that important investments have been made to increase the attractiveness of tourism in addition to the transportation works, President Güler said, “The construction of 11 villa-type hotels with 5 apartments and 1 restaurant in harmony with nature, built within the scope of the Adventure Park Project and the All Seasons Touch the Clouds Project, will also add a special attraction to the region. kazanwill yell. The cost of these investments, realized entirely with the means and initiatives of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, is 20 million TL. When all these investments are fully operational, our beautiful Boztepe is a candidate to become the tourism center of the region.” he said.

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