Transportation Tradesmen Want a Hike in Antalya

antalyada transportation wants to raise artisan
antalyada transportation wants to raise artisan

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Chief Advisor Av. Cansel Tuncer, Antalya Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Union organized under the leadership of the meeting listened to the problems of transport trades. Tuncer stated that they would be the followers of the demands and suggestions and said: and We are working on finding a common point and producing solutions that will not upset our citizens and tradesmen. ”

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Muhittin Böcek'in Antalya Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen in the meeting organized by the Mayor of Antalya Chief Advisor Av. Cansel Tuncer, Deputy Secretary General Tuncay Sarıhan, Transportation Planning and Rail System Department Head Hülya Atalay, AESOB Chairman Adlıhan Dere, Union Board Members and 19 district Transportation Services Tradesmen Chamber attended. During the meeting, the problems of transportation tradesmen were determined and their opinions, suggestions and demands were discussed.

Expressing that there are some problems of artisans in Antalya, Antalya Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Association President Adlıhan Dere, meeting the meeting of these problems and is extremely important in terms of achieving the solution, he said. Mayor Dere stated that the tradesmen had been requesting transportation hike for a time close to 2 and said, seçim The election period was entered in the period when the issue of the raise would be evaluated by the last management. After the election was said. Our tradesmen have an expectation in this direction. ”

Attending to the meeting of the representatives of the transportation tradesmen and to receive their demands, the meeting of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Av. Cansel Tuncer 19 district chairman of the districts and transportation artisans stated that the problems and demands are noted one by one. Tuncer, the prominent raise in the meeting and made statements about the control against piracy transport. Tuncer said they were aware of the expectations of transportation tradesmen about the price increase and said, ım I also received your written requests on the issue of price increase. The president of the Union will give a petition to our municipality. Our president is aware of the issue. The transportation tradesmen 2 have not received a raise for years. There is an inevitable image about it. The raise is postponed due to the election but there is also the economic crisis. Our citizens are also in a difficult situation. For this reason, we are trying to find a common point and produce solutions. We will share our decision on this issue with you in a very short time ”.

Tuncer underlined that the demands of transportation tradesmen on inspection is also very important. He said that he learned that 4 was taken years ago. Cer We are also aware of how important audit is. So we are doing the necessary work on this issue. We will share the news about the assignment of inspection tools in these districts as soon as possible. We will conclude your other problems and demands in the trades workshop which will be organized with the participation of our President in July. Kul

Tuncer, taking into account the wishes of the transport trades, the service of self-property is also evaluated by specifying the subject, said: plaka We continue to work on bringing C plate obligation to everyone. Our Department of Transportation works on this issue. We will save you from the trouble of that issue. Other than that, we think there are no problems that cannot be solved. ”

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