Old Overpasses Are Being Removed in Ankara

Old Overpasses Are Being Removed in Ankara
Old Overpasses Are Being Removed in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the capital and the streets of the remaining idle state, completed the life of the citizens who threatened the safety of life and property began to remove the overpasses.

First, Mithatpaşa Street Süleyman Sırrı Street intersection with Sıhhiye in the direction of completing the dismantling operations of the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Department of Evacuation and Demolition Branch teams, the second dismantling work carried out for the overpass on Necatibey Street.

Dismantling is done at night

Metropolitan Municipality teams are working between 22.00-06.00 in order to prevent traffic flow and not jeopardize the safety of pedestrians and drivers.

Disassembly teams during the hours of traffic is not busy, while the road is also closed to traffic.

Starting to serve vehicles and citizens with a new and immaculate image Necatibey Street entrance after the removal of the overpass traffic light and signaling system will be installed.

Individually obsolete, rusting or worn overpasses to detect, teams will continue to remove teams, according to warnings and notifications from citizens will conduct a work program.

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