An enjoyable trip with Vangölü Express

an enjoyable travel with vangolu express
an enjoyable travel with vangolu express

Vangölü Express is one of the main line trains of TCDD Transportation, which travels between Ankara and Tatvan, passing through the slopes of the mountains and passing through natural beauties.

Vangölü Express, which is among the first choice of those who want to go to Van with a pleasant trip and who want to taste from its trip, offers you a unique opportunity to travel with its comfortable and safe structure. Passengers traveling by express can see colorful forests and flowers throughout the journey with the arrival of spring. You can also watch the unique view of Lake Van while traveling with the Vangölü Express and observe the glory of Mount Nemrut and the Muş Plain. Many local and foreign tourists prefer this expedition, which floats from the slopes of the mountains and natural beauties.

Color Rotation with Vangölü Express

After boarding the Vangölü Express from Ankara, you reach the Tatvan district of Bitlis via Kırıkkale, Kayseri, Sivas, Malatya, Elazığ, Bingöl and Muş routes. Vangölü Express is one of the complementary elements of the city. Many people from different provinces travel to Van with this fun train journey. Passengers who first landed at Muş Station with Vangölü Express can see the beauties of Muş Plain with colorful trees and flowers in spring.

Discover Natural Beauties with Vangölü Express

Passengers coming to Bitlis after Muş can enjoy the lush nature of Bitlis, as well as the unique view of Mount Nemrut, Mount Atatürk and Lake Van. Vangölü Express consists of 8 wagons in total and has the capacity to carry 320 passengers. In this journey, which is intertwined with nature, you can take lots of pictures and capture the most beautiful frames.

A Journey With Nature

Vangölü Express carries passengers between Ankara and Tatvan two days a week. For this reason, a large number of passengers can enjoy a pleasant trip in these two days. In this express, where the interest is quite intense, the occupancy rate is quite high. If you are planning to spend your weekend or annual holiday in Van, you can choose Vangölü Express to make your holiday more enjoyable. You can enjoy a pleasant journey and enjoy all the natural beauties. Especially between Elazığ, Muş and Tatvan the scenery is quite beautiful. The express attracts the attention of travelers and nature lovers.

Journey through Tatvan to Nature

The indispensable part of train journeys is to watch the nature through the window as it passes through nature. We have witnessed many paintings, photographs and even film frames, especially passing through bridges and trees. This is exactly what Vangölü Express provides its passengers.

The journey takes one day to Van. The house temperature is offered to you as there are possibilities to sleep in the train and restaurant. You can think of Vangölü Express as your traveling home. On this journey that everyone should try, you go through nature. You are witnessing an unforgettable experience in your life. People who have experienced both comfortable and unforgettable supervision with Vangölü Express frequently express their next Van journeys with Express again.

Comfort Vangolu Express

Vangölü Express offers its passengers many privileges while traveling. Many details and services that are carefully thought out by TCDD Transportation are offered for the comfort of passengers within the train. There are bundled, pulley and compartment type wagons on the train. Hygiene and cleaning conditions are paid maximum attention and necessary attention is given. The rooms are the ideal size, beds and seat armchairs are comfortable armchairs produced ergonomically. Most importantly, you can sleep uninterruptedly on your journey without any jolts and you can enjoy the scenery.

A Fun Travel With Your Loved Ones

Vangölü Express, which has become one of the most popular flights, offers you a pleasant travel opportunity, especially with your spouse and friend. With its compartments and couchette wagons, the express offers this opportunity. sohbetYou can eat delicious food, sing songs and take fun photos. The discount rate for the tickets you buy as a group from the express, which operates two days a week, is also available. kazanyou breed. Please note that there is a group discount for groups of 12 people. In this way, you will have a comfortable, fun and affordable travel opportunity.

First Train Experience with Vangölü Express

Those who make their first train experience with Vangölü Express say that they are very pleased with the journey, they are fascinated as they pass through the natural beauties and they are not only a journey but also a visual feast. So if you still think that the Vangölü Express is long-term and you will get bored. Think again.

Special Travel Experience with Vangölü Express

It is possible to get to Vangölü Express from all the stations on the train route. Being at the station about 15 minutes before your departure time will be a more cautious experience in terms of being late. Train, chocolate, snacks, drinks and so on. you can buy a variety of food and enjoy this special trip. During the train journey, you can read your book, drink your coffee against the scenery, or put your headphones on and leave yourself in the arms of music. Remember that every train experience will give you a different perspective and taste. You'll enter into a different atmosphere and enjoy the beauty you see only by breaking away from the world during your trip.

Vangölü Express With Warm Atmosphere

Vangölü Express will embrace you with its warm atmosphere. While those who have not used expresses before experience this experience with great astonishment and difference, those who have previously preferred expressions will pursue details that are different from their previous travels. This long-term journey will give you more than your bus and plane journey. The more you know people, the more you know cities, and the more you travel by train to those cities. In this warm atmosphere such as home environment, your refrigerator, beds, sockets, sinks and so on. For many needs, the details have been considered one by one. You can use everything easily and while passing through nature. Experience and see the wonders will be the end of this train journey.

Vangolu Express Travel in Winter

Vangölü Express is an expression that you will get different taste in every season. You can see the colorful revel of spring, innocence in the legendary whiteness of the snow. Train travel in winter time gives a completely different taste. As a cultural tourism, the Vangölü Express continues to develop further and the unique beauty of this journey is tried to be reached to everyone. In addition to comfortable and reliable travel, most of those who prefer express experience natural beauties on-site. If you want to make your next trip to Van with Vangölü Express or if you want to go to Van to have a different experience with Vangölü Express, you can buy or book your ticket through online ticketing system. To experience this unique experience in a timely fashion, you can wait for snow to fall or wait for flowers to bloom. You can enjoy discovering different things during the two journeys by making this cultural tourism expedition which you will make twice a year.

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