Transportation to Students who will take YKS Examination in Kocaeli

access to the students who will take the exams
access to the students who will take the exams

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Higher Education Institutions Examination at the weekend (YKS) 'to provide free access to students and examiners. 15 June 2019 Saturday and 16 June 2019 will be held on YKS'ye students and officials on Sundays, 'exam entry documents' or 'officer cards' by showing the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's free access to the sea and land transportation vehicles. Giving great importance to young people who will give direction to the future, the Metropolitan Municipality has taken all necessary measures to ensure that all students who will take the exam do not have problems before and after a smooth exam.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, the Higher Education Institutions to be held at the weekend to pass the exam smoothly and the candidates took all the necessary measures to avoid problems in transportation. Metropolitan Municipality also students and officials, entrance and exit hours of municipal buses, tram and sea transportation 'exam entry documents' or 'attendant cards' can be used provided that the condition of showing free. In the decision taken by the participation of the Metropolitan Municipality, Transportation Park, students and people who will take part in the exam organized additional bus services to avoid grievances. With the decision, additional flights were put on the lines numbered 170, 175, 530, 755 and 10.

ISU connected to the Metropolitan, Science Works, Park Gardens, such units, during the exam will not work to avoid noise. In addition, drivers will be warned not to play horns (horns) or to make any noise during the exam. On the other hand, in order to produce solutions to the problems that the citizens may encounter during the exam days, the Transportation Control teams connected to the Land Transportation Branch Directorate connected to 153 Metropolitan Call Center will also work all day long.

ulasimpark exam day additional flights
ulasimpark exam day additional flights

TRANSPORTATION announces additional flights
According to the decision taken by Park, 170 line will depart from Kirazliyali at 7.30 at Yarimca, Izmit and reach Otogar. At the same time, the line number 175 will provide departure from Kirazliyali and go to Izmit and finally to Otogar via Çamlıtepe. Line 530 will depart from Gebze Technical University at 06.45 and reach Bus Station via Darıca, Gebze and İzmit respectively. Line 755 will depart from Karamürsel at 07.30 and reach Umuttepe from Gölcük and Başiskele routes. Finally, the line 10 departs from the bus station between 08.00 - 09.00 hours to Umuttepe every 15 minutes.

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