A Fiasco of 478 Million Euros on the Rails in Marmaray


Millions of Euros worth of train sets purchased for Marmaray were taken to the warehouse due to the lack of a rail-switch system of the required length. Transport and Infrastructure Minister Turhan claimed that cleaning and maintenance did not cause public damage.

CumhuriyetAccording to the report of Mustafa Cakir; “The government's rhetoric of saving in the public sector was again alleged. The trains worth millions of Euros received under the Marmaray Project are not being taken into operation and are waiting at the stations. Cahit Turhan Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, according to the number of passengers to be commissioned by the trains stored in the station site, he said. “We do regular maintenance and cleaning, Tur Turhan said. Therefore, he claimed that there was no public loss.

Lütfü Türkkan, vice-president of GOOD Party Group, gave a motion to the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Cahit Turhan. Until 2013, Türkkan pointed out that 10 train set consisting of 38 train car, which was imported from South Korea under the Marmaray Project but could not be put into service since it did not have the necessary length of rail-scissors system, was kept idle in Haydarpaşa and Edirne Gar directorates. Turkkan asked for information on how much public damage occurred.

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan who responded to the proposal, Marmaray Project it Gebze-Haydarpaşa, Sirkeci-Halkalı He stated that within the scope of the “improvement of suburban lines” work, 34 sets of 10-vehicle train sets and 20 sets of 5-vehicle train sets, a total of 54 sets (440 vehicles), were procured. Turhan pointed out that the carrying capacity of the 10-vehicle train sets is 3 thousand 56 passengers and the carrying capacity of the 5-vehicle train sets is 1530 passengers, and noted that the fleet size was determined by taking into account the calculation of the spare vehicle requirement in line with the 2025 target year passenger numbers and the operating plan prepared according to the system design. . Within the scope of the business, Turhan contracts for a total of 1 vehicles (5 sets of 5 vehicles and 624 sets of 1628 vehicles), including the price of a 1-vehicle train set is 10 million 10 750 Euros and the price of a 366-vehicle train set is 440 million 34 thousand 10 Euros. of your stay 478 million 5 thousand 400 Euros drew attention to the fact that.

Stored in station areas

Turhan pointed out that the price of spare parts, consumables and special tools is 14 million 960 thousand 954 Euros, so far 5 million 968 thousand 589 Euro spare parts, consumables and special tools are received. Turhan, 440 140'in South Korea Hyundai Rotem facilities were done, while the installation and testing of the 300 vehicle was carried out at the Sakarya Eurotem Plant. Gebze-Halkalı Turhan pointed out that 19 train sets with 5 vehicles and 24 trains with 10 vehicles in the suburban line, 335 wagons in total, said, “On the other hand, other trains that will be commissioned according to the increase in the number of passengers are regularly maintained and cleaned and stored in the station areas. " said. Turhan argued that there was no public damage for this reason.

Turhan stated that the TCDD decided to operate with 5 series for the Bosphorus Railway Tube Crossing, which was opened to use between the Ayrılık Çeşmesi and Kazlıçeşme, and that 19 series of 5 were transferred to TCDD and put into operation.Halkalı until the completion of renovation works of the suburban lines between Sirkeci, Istanbul Haydarpasa and is subjected to dynamic GAREL Standards in stabling yards, still static and dynamic tests have been completed in this area, "he said.

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