What Will These Mega Projects Then Be?

What will happen after these mega projects
What will happen after these mega projects

What are we going to do in the wrong place, dangerous and useless huge airport? If you do not break, you do a new one, you already pay the passenger warranty. The same goes for bridges with guaranteed crossings. Housing, offices and shopping centers were built on the land of the hospitals within the city. What about the city hospitals we have?

Gazeteduv isAccording to the news of Hakim Yermici; Girdi Mega project concept entered the political sphere during the AKP government. 17 was one of the most important elements of the continuity of the construction empire it established during its annual rule. Each was presented as dazzling, projects that could not be pronounced before and carried the country into the future. Together with these projects, he would be freed from the country chains, become one of the largest economies in the world and become a leader in his region.

Ekrem İmamoğlu'na, 26 May, moderated by Didem Arslan Yilmaz, Haberturk TV attended the program, journalist Mehmet Akif Ersoy, in accordance with the spirit of the period "Do you have no mega project?" He asked. I was horrified for a moment, "I wonder what new will come," I squinted. The answer was simply “to create a happy city Cev. In the face of the m mega project must be like this ey, which was engraved in our minds, what they said was not dim, but it was impressive. Imamoglu, did not say this in vain, he was able to explain the reasons with strong arguments.

The main function of the Mega projects was to attract global capital to the country. However, the period of mega projects gradually closes, the illusion of prosperity they create is being solved and they are no longer the carriers of power. In fact, they have become a burden with the problems they create. From airports, bridges and tunnels, from city hospitals to defense systems and nuclear power plants, all of them are built and operated at extraordinary speed with build-operate-transfer model. The user guarantee in this model and the difference in the state has become a major economic burden. Gears of the AKP construction empire are now having trouble returning.

In fact, this model is not new. 23 September 1856 will be the first railway in Anatolia The British Railway Company (ORC) was given a privilege for the İzmir-Aydın line. The company received the right to use coal mines, quarries and forests on the 30'ar mile site on both sides of the line. Generally speaking, the 6 thousand 778 kilometer railway line built by foreign companies in the Ottoman period was given to British, French and German companies with various privileges. Similarly, the last rail of the guaranteed rail is over at the 1970.

Time goes by so fast. 2023 stayed here for four years. What does 100 contain in 2023? 500 to export billion dollars, full membership to the EU, the national income per capita 20 thousand dollars to build, to establish tourism cities around the world, to be an aviation base, to make their own warplane and satellite into orbit, democracy and law to make the principles full work, to attract unemployment below 5, 10 to export billion dollars of fresh vegetables and fruits, to be the production center of Eurasia in advanced technology products and others.

They all sound good, but with foreign and domestic politics, the economy has not developed. We're far from the 2023 targets. Mega projects were built as crazy projects without thinking in a clever way. Now we are dealing with the problems created by this madness, and we will continue to struggle. It's all a dream. In fact, it is obvious that mega projects bring a serious burden on the economy, and that power is used as means of its own survival and does not involve people in the main.

Let's sort some of the most known and unsuccessful.

Istanbul Airport was stubbornly built despite the fact that all the reports before it were called wrong. It wasn't just an airport, it was a monument of glory. The Airportcity, right in front of it, is still being built in a frantic way with the idea that it will be a transfer point. But problems from the first day began to be sequenced. The distance to Istanbul is a problem; The taxi time of the planes 40 finds the minute; Large birds such as storks, hunter birds, etc. are serious danger and recently they have been flying around in a storm, or they have been waiting in the air or descending to other airports. This is not the case of the region's largest transfer point.

What about city hospitals? Doctors and patients are unhappy. They are far from the city and the transportation problem. People are lost in the hospital. Doctors have over-pressure pressure. The solution of the health problem will be the city hospitals now awaiting a solution themselves.

It has been painfully seen by the successive accidents that the high speed train lines that have provided the country from start to finish are not safe. Although we are charged with crime, we have a railway transportation system that is not properly maintained and has no signaling.

Unused bridges, tunnels, non-passenger airports in every city, Akkuyu nuclear power plant (already two times the concrete foundation cracked) and the ones that have not yet come to my mind. If you're aware, there's no room for anybody. They are ignoring people with all their scales and scales. The AKP government 17 changed the whole infrastructure of the country in the year. By infrastructure, I mean the material and permanent structure of the country. Air, rail, road and sea transport, hospitals, energy structures, military defense system, and the conversion of cities into concrete batches.

Infrastructure means the property of the country itself. The part seen with eyes. People, social changes, culture, politics, such as components of the superstructure, the infrastructure is determined by the country itself emerges.

We have an ineffective infrastructure that is ineffective in every way. They changed the environment in which we lived irreversibly. We live in a country that is tired, unhappy, dissociated, overwhelmed by economic problems. The ground of politics is very slippery. Suddenly everything can be reversed. The weakness of each power is that it cannot see it. The AKP government has surpassed its peak and is now descending. Now is the time to imagine the future.

I don't know how the political future will be shaped again. However, when the AKP government ends, the remaining infrastructure will strongly affect the superstructure such as social developments, culture, democracy and freedoms. Economists say that with build-operate-transfer model, the user will pay their debts until 2050 due to the inefficiency of the mega projects that are guaranteed. In other words, the material existence of the country does not belong to us. We don't have any savings on them.

II. The wisdom of World War II, which was not made by military-civilian distinction, was based on the destruction of each other's infrastructure. Turkey's infrastructure has already been delivered without any war. This will be the country's biggest problem in the near and medium term. In the high school history lesson, we learned how an empire evolved, peaked, then regressed and disintegrated by simply memorizing the history and articles of treaties. But now I can understand how this happened in a iy live history lesson Ancak.

So how are we going to get out of this way, which political will will achieve this, or will we continue as such a country that is totally subordinate to the infrastructure?

When the AK Palace (now a complex) was constructed to the Atatürk Forest Farm, the opposition reacted by saying that if they came to power, they would not use it, and they would make a university and science center. This is easy. What are we to do with the huge, dangerous and useless giant airport? If you do not break, you do a new one, you already pay the passenger warranty. The same goes for bridges with guaranteed crossings. Housing, offices and shopping centers were built on the land of the hospitals within the city. What about the city hospitals we have? 60 year use I don't even want to think that the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant will remain in Russia.

Yes, in the future all these mega projects will remain as the legacy of a period. How to build a superstructure that considers human beings within the material existence of the country, but how will freedom be rebuilt, social segregation will be destroyed and democracy will develop? Please look around and think about the environment around you. The infrastructure-superstructure relationship of the future really worries me.

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