What happened to Izmit's trees cut down for the tram project?

What happened to the trees of Izmit cut for the tram project
What happened to the trees of Izmit cut for the tram project

During the reign of İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, dozens of trees were cut down between the Hürriyet and Railway streets for the tram project in the central bank of İzmit. Trees with a little shadow on the concrete of the Central Bank were not re-planted in the region after the completion of the project

Kocaeli Barış NewspaperAccording to the news of Uğur Enç; İbrah Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, former AKP president of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, always prided himself on his sensitivity to green and tree. Sekapark was the only environmental act of the municipality to date that affected the citizens. Sekapark is not a shady promenade area with trees or gras of this city, it is just grass meadow. There is no wooded, forested land in the city center. There was an armory, it was a city hospital, it was a sports complex, and they turned it into a bird. The authorities who feared their past and even did not like their past did not take lessons from Atatürk. Authorities who ignored Ataturk, who was shifting a huge mansion to the east for a single tree, slaughtered dozens of trees for the tram project.

For the tram project, dozens of trees between Hurriyet and Railway streets were cut down in the middle of the night so that the citizen could not react. 2 years ago the trees were chopped, the tram project was completed. However, the municipality did nothing to remedy the destruction of the tree in the region. The density of the concrete of the Central Bank and the absence of a single tree around it make the region unbearable on hot summer days. The new administration under the chairmanship of Tahir Büyükakın is going to make a greening work in the region.

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