License Plate Limitation Problem Of Service Drivers In Istanbul Has Been Solved

The problem of service limit of service sofor in Istanbul cozume kavusu
The problem of service limit of service sofor in Istanbul cozume kavusu

The problem of plate registration, which the service drivers in Istanbul have been waiting for, has been resolved. The service drivers, who received the good news, celebrated in front of the IMM building in Saraçhane. Hamza Öztürk, Chairman of the Istanbul Public Service Vehicle Operators Chamber of Craftsmen (ISAROD) said, “Today is a very important day for us. However, this work has a history. Beginning on May 25, 2015, our President's decision of restraint, which started in Sinan Erdem and ended today with the good news of Mr. Binali Yıldırım at the Sancaktepe Necmettin Erbakan Cultural Center. I thank everyone who contributed. We also saw the cheekers who said 'We got the result of 30 years of effort' in the afternoon without any effort, sharing on social media. Our job is to produce service for tradesmen. ”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) held its regular meeting in June. Upon the decision taken at the meeting, the plate limitation problem that service drivers have been waiting for many years has been solved. In addition, the validity period of the Taşıma Service Transportation Authorization Certificate en issued on behalf of real and legal persons was increased from 10 year to 30 year. The decision was formally signed by UKOME members and was welcomed by the service drivers.

SERVICE Drivers are satisfied with the decision
After the good news, service drivers met in front of the IMM Presidency building in Saraçhane. Midnight celebration with the Turkish flags drivers, expressed their satisfaction with the decision. He expressed his gratitude to Binali Yildirim for leading the solution of the plate limitation problem. Za Today is a very important day for us, Ham said Hamza Öztürk, President of the Istanbul Chamber of Craftsmen Tradesmen (İSAROD), who made a press statement on behalf of the service drivers. But this has a history. 25 May 2015'de President of Sinan Erdem, starting today and today Sancaktepe Necmettin Erbakan Cultural Center Mr. Binali Yildirim, the good news of the restraint decision, may be beneficial to all of us already. I thank everyone who contributed. First of all, I would like to thank Hayri Baraçlı, General Secretary of IMM, Deputy Secretary General of IMM, Head of Departments, Directorate of Public Transportation and everyone on behalf of our tradesmen. ”

Öztürk, who clearly denies the false allegations that the UKOME decision is temporary and will not be published in the Official Gazette, said, “Let us know the value of this restraint. Istanbul Public Service Operators aspired to the Chamber of Tradesmen, but there are still those who share in social media who do not know that UKOME decisions are published in the Official Gazette. Our previous İBB President Mevlüt Uysal served for 15 months. At least 15 UKOME meetings were held in Istanbul. None of the cases were filed. There are those who work hard on social media to ignore and belittle this decision. The claims they express do not have any truth. 'We got the result of a 30-year effort today in the afternoon without any effort.' We also saw the cheeky people who said on social media. Our job is to produce service to the shopkeepers. ”

The relevant articles of the “License Plate Decision” decision, which was officially signed at the UKOME Meeting, are as follows;

Number of service vehicles in Istanbul Transportation project projections In terms of supply and demand balance, the number of vehicles used in existing student and staff services is sufficient.

Within this scope, within the framework of the evaluations in the decision of the Council of Ministers numbered 80 / 605553;

a) Prior to this UKOME decision, evaluating the vehicles of persons who have received a Service Transport Card from IMM and have Existing Carrier Rights to be used within the scope of the Restricted License Plate within the frame of transportation projection on the plates of 34 LAA 001 - 34 LZZ 999,

b) Increasing the number of services and the new requirements to be determined in accordance with the report to be determined by a commission including the representatives of the relevant service and chamber of commerce, in accordance with the relevant legislation,

c) Interest (b) Transferring the rights of Service Transportation Authorization Certificate and Service Transportation Card included in the UKOME decision to the relevant plate and making it indefinite,

ç) To be able to carry out all other service transportation except tourism transportation by license plate vehicle,

d) 3, where the license holder can be registered for an owner of a Public Transportation Vehicle or a successor assigned by a successor and a successor assigned to the successors in order to prevent the share of license rights, or if an heir to this qualification cannot be registered. transfer to the person,

e) Sale and transfer of plates without vehicles,

f) Failure to transfer to real persons who do not have Public Transportation Vehicle Usage Certificate and to owners of restricted plates (taxi, minibus, taxi-dolmuş),

g) Leasing of plates

ğ) In case it is found out that the license plates are rented, the relevant license plate is canceled and the renters and tenants are not given the right to obtain a license plate for any reason,

h) If it is determined that the issues requiring direct cancellation of the Public Transportation Vehicle Use Certificate are carried out by the carrier or driver during the transportation and the related rights are canceled in case the related act is taken under the record.

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