Intersections Turned Green in Afyonkarahisar

The intersections in opium karahisar were green
The intersections in opium karahisar were green

Afyonkarahisar Municipality has accelerated its green space and afforestation works with the arrival of the summer months. A new image and face in the city kazanAfyonkarahisar Municipality continues to make the entrance and exit points of the city aesthetic.

In our city, which is one of the important crossroads of our country in terms of location, city entrances and exits bloom. In this direction, while Özdilek -ANS Junction and Konya Junction are completed between OIZ, ANS Junction and OSB Junction are continuing. Planting roses will be planted near 20 thousand in these regions. length will be created in the green area around the 2,5 linden tree, around the 210 leylandi planting will be done with landscaping.

Mayor Mehmet Zeybek said that they will focus more on the green field work this year; With the arrival of the Summer Garden, our teams at Park Garden Directorate went to arrange for the city's main arteries, the ring road and the median. As a result of the studies, Özdilek -ANS Junction and Konya Junction OIZ were completed. Studies continue between ANS Junction and OSB Junction. Nearly 20 thousand roses will be planted in the region. Around 210 lime trees and around 210 lilac will be planted. 2,5 km. We will change the face of the ring road, which is the mirror of our city, with landscape arrangement in the long region. Thank you very much to our staff working day and night to make our Afyonkarahisar look modern and modern. ”

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