Korkuteli Refreshing Roads

Korkutelide is renewing ways
Korkutelide is renewing ways

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is carrying out maintenance and repair works on the group roads of Küçükköy, Taşkesiği and Söbüce neighborhoods of Korkuteli District, which is deformed due to rainfall in winter.

Metropolitan Municipality, new roads and asphalt works, as well as maintenance and repair of existing roads does not neglect. The Department of Rural Services carried out maintenance work on the deformed road of Küçükköy Neighborhood of Korkuteli. Negative weather conditions and deformed asphalt layer due to the use of the machine that dismantled asphalt layer filling materials filled with cylinders compressed. After the teams have completed the paving work, the road will become more robust and comfortable.

The Rural Services Department teams are also carrying out maintenance and repair work on the group road of Korkuteli Taşkesiği and Söbüce Neighborhoods. Taşkesiği neighborhood asphalt patch work on the way the teams on the one hand Söbüce Mahallesi group on the way to collapse due to heavy rainfall in the region is doing filling work.

Rural Services Officer Isa Akdemir, who examined the group roads in Korkuteli District, said that the highland roads, which are deformed under harsh winter conditions, will be ready for the summer season.

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