Overpass in Kocaeli Provides Safer Transportation

One More Passage Will Provide Safe Transportation in Kocaeli
One More Passage Will Provide Safe Transportation in Kocaeli

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Kabaoğlu District of Izmit district by Prof.Dr. The pedestrian overpass built on Baki Komsuoğlu Street is the production of steel reinforcement. The overpass will allow the TÜRGEV ​​dormitory located on the street and the locals to cross the street safely.

As part of the overpass construction work, steel foot arms are now in place. In total, 70 ton steel was used in the pedestrian overpass and the main body floor was placed and the bridge was formed. In addition, the installation of overpass bridge towers has been completed.

Kabaoğlu Neighborhood Baki Komsuoğlu Street on the overpass to be made in front of the TÜRGEV ​​dormitory, will be double-lift. The overpass will be 34 in length, 3 in width and 6.25 in height from the road. The modern overpass will eliminate the shortage of pedestrian transportation to the region, and students and local people will not experience problems arising from seasonal conditions after the completion of the project work.

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