Teyneli Origin Road Connecting 9 Neighborhoods in Altınordu is Asphalted

asphalting the road that connects the neighborhood
asphalting the road that connects the neighborhood

📩 27/06/2019 13:39

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues to connect neighborhood roads with hot asphalt. Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Hilmi Güler said, “The 9 km part of our hot asphalt works on the Teyneli-Kökenli road, which is connected to the 2 neighborhood of Altınordu district, is behind.

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues its infrastructure and hot asphalt works on neighborhood roads in Altınordu district. With the normalization of the seasonal conditions, the Department of Transportation teams accelerated their work and launched the hot asphalt works on the Teyneli-Origin route, whose infrastructure was completed and providing transportation to the 9 neighborhood.

The total length of the team is carrying out a dedicated work on the road 4,5 km expressed the Army Mayor Dr.. Mehmet Hilmi Guler, 2 km of hot asphalt work is completed on the route, he said. Mayor Güler, “Teyneli-Kökenli Road; It is a route that connects Akkese, Kayadibi, Örencik and Günören Neighborhoods directly from Uzunisa to Ulubey road. This road is also connected with Karacaömer, Yemişli and Çavuşlar neighborhoods. Previously, Akkese, Kayadibi, Örencik, Günören, Karacaömer, Yemişli and Çavuşlar neighborhoods had warm asphalt. With the completion of the Teyneli-Kökenli road, this 9 neighborhood will now be connected with the comfort of warm asphalt. ”

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