2019 Ford Puma Comes To Strengthen The Blue Oval's Crossover Range

new ford puma crossover impressive design best in trunk
new ford puma crossover impressive design best in trunk

The new Ford Puma Crossover melts impressive design, best-in-class boot volume and semi-hybrid technology in the same pot

Ford has launched the new crossover model Puma, which has a sporty and athletic design and a striking SUV. Puma's impressive exterior design opens a new chapter in Ford's people-oriented design philosophy.
best-in-class luggage volume brings innovative flexible handling solutions developed in line with customer feedback.

Advanced Ford EcoBoost Hybrid 48-Volt technology delivers superior fuel efficiency, performance and driving pleasure.
The Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go feature, wireless charger and 12,3 inch digital color display display are just a few of the innovative technologies offered.

Ford is expanding its new Puma and Fiesta Active, Focus Active, EcoSport, Kuga, Edge and new Explorer Plug-In Hybrid crossover product line with SUV and SUV-inspired breeze. SUVs have a significant share in Ford Europe sales. One of every 5 cars sold in Europe is SUV and the total sales of SUV-CUV vehicles in 2018 increased by over 18 percent. 2020 be offered for sale in Turkey in planned new Ford Puma, since 2008 years 1,5 billion euros investment will be produced at Ford's Craiova plant in Romania.

New Ford Puma Crossover
New Ford Puma Crossover

Exciting design meets class leader practice

Stylish, sporty and seductive design, the new Ford Puma uses Ford's B-segment platform, but this is complemented by SUV-specific body proportions with increased wheelbase and track width.

The Puma uses a low, curved ceiling line for a stunning and completely original silhouette. The shoulder line, which rises from the front to the back and widening backwards, brings a dynamic and powerful appearance. Smooth and flowing lines complement the carefully shaped bumper. The two-piece taillight design in horizontal form not only offers a wider rear view, but also facilitates luggage access and handling.

Smooth and flowing lines along the side body create a more dynamic and lively appearance with the concave formation between the front and rear tires on the lower body. kazanhe's eating. While the dynamic and sporty design is completed with stylish details such as LED fog lamps, an original appearance emerges with the headlights positioned above.

The new Ford Puma crossover ST-Line and Titanium come in a range of hardware packages, each with a distinctive design, each reflecting a different character.

The Puma Titanium features glossy gray 18-inch alloy wheels with chrome details on the front grille, fog light and side sills. Metallic gray rear diffuser and glossy black glass beads with plate finish complement the exterior design. The leather steering wheel, wooden inserts and fabric door panels provide an attractive appearance and high quality perception in the interior, which has been carefully shaped.

Puma ST-Line equipment, which carries traces of Ford's performance models, offers 18 inch wheels and optionally 19 inch matt black wheels can be preferred. With its specially designed springs and shock absorbers, the sports suspension offers a sporty driving feel, while the ST-Line front grille, matt black design elements, bright trim such as fog light bezel and a larger roof spoiler complete the sporty look. The interior features a flat-bottom steering wheel, leather seats with red stitched detail, alloy pedals and a gear shift knob with aluminum detail.

Complementing the car's dynamic character, the 11 offers highly functional and useful structural features, including the innovative Ford Puma innovative luggage solution, with a choice of different colors. The new Puma has the best luggage volume in its class without sacrificing an 456 liter luggage. With the rear seats folded, a 112 cm-long, 97 cm-wide and 43 cm-high box fits in the flexible luggage compartment.

Developed to meet customer requirements, the Ford MegaBox creates a deep and versatile storage space that can comfortably accommodate two golf bags in an upright position. This additional storage space offers an area of ​​763 liters, 752 mm wide, 305 mm long and 80 mm high. With this space, it is possible to put a plant with a length of 115 cm, for example. Again, this area can be covered and evaluated for placing dirty objects such as muddy boots. The special drain plug makes it easy to clean this area with water.

Luggage functionality is supported by the luggage compartment floor, which can be adjusted in three different positions and Ford Smart Tailgate technology, a first in this class.

New Ford Puma Crossover
New Ford Puma Crossover

Advanced engine technologies

Earlier this year, Ford announced that every Ford car introduced to the market from the new Focus will have an electric option. The new Ford Puma; it will be the first model to use Ford's innovative semi-hybrid system that brings high fuel efficiency while delivering superior driving pleasure with its performance.

EcoBoost Hybrid technology Puma's 1,0 liter EcoBoost gasoline engine comes with an integrated starter / generator (BISG) connected to the 11,5 kW belt. This system replaces the traditional alternator (BISG) and uses the wasted energy generated at the time of the brake to charge the air-cooled 48 Volt lithium-ion battery. The system (BISG) also uses the stored energy to activate the three-cylinder petrol engine with additional torque during normal driving and acceleration. The semi-hybrid system is available in two power versions: 125 PS and 155 PS. The hybrid system offers 50 percent more torque than the petrol engine, especially at lower speeds, thus providing a smoother driving experience.

systems kazanThanks to the increased 50 Nm torque, the fuel efficiency of the gasoline engine improves by 9 percent compared to the WLTP norm. Again with the contribution of additional torque, the 125 PS version consumes 5,4 lt/100 km of fuel and achieves 124 g/km CO2 emissions. The 155 PS version, on the other hand, consumes 5,6 lt/100 km of fuel and has a CO127 emission value of 2 g/km.

Puma EcoBoost Hybrid's Auto Start-Stop technology 300 achieves a higher level of fuel efficiency when driving at km / h and below, thanks to the BISG, which restarts the engine in an on-off time, 15 milliseconds. Ford's Auto-Stop technology is also available in the Ford EcoBoost petrol and Ford EcoBlue diesel engine options.

Puma's 125 PS-powered 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine achieves 5,8 lt / 100 km fuel consumption and 131 gr / km CO2 emissions.

Puma's 1.0-liter EcoBoost and EcoBoost Hybrid engines feature Ford's industry-first three-cylinder engine with cylinder shut-off technology. The roller shut-off feature closes the 14 cylinder in 1 milliseconds only when there is no need for power, such as low-speed smooth driving, and activates the 14 millisecond only when necessary.

New Ford Puma Crossover
New Ford Puma Crossover

Confident technologies

Around the Ford Puma are 12 ultrasonic sensors, three radars and two cameras. They feed Ford Co-Pilot360 technologies designed to make driving more comfortable and safer.

The Adaptive Speed ​​Control System with Stop-and-Go feature, Traffic Sign Recognition System and Lane Alignment System, combined with the seven-speed automatic transmission, contribute to driving safety by detecting other vehicles in the traffic and offering less stressful driving.

A wide-angle rear camera, a first in the B-segment Ford, makes the 180 highly-angled display on the touch screen easier to look at for pedestrians or cyclists behind the vehicle and makes back-to-back parking space maneuvers safer.

Another equipment that facilitates the driver's life in reversing is the Blind Spot Warning System (BLIS), which controls the rear cross-section of the vehicle during reverse maneuver and brakes if the driver does not react to the warning in the event of a potential risk.

Ford's Advanced Automatic Parking System with Vertical Parking helps drivers find the appropriate parking space and hands-free parking, while the High Beam Assistant automatically shuts the high beam to avoid dazzling the oncoming driver.

Ford's further development of the Lane Tracking System's Roadside Detection function detects where the asphalt road ends and soft ground, hard soil, or grass starts and can apply torque to the steering wheel to prevent the vehicle from getting off the road.

The Collision Prevention Assistant with Pedestrian Detection detects people near the road, on the road or about to cross the road and helps the driver to avoid or reduce the impact of a possible collision. After a possible collision, the Secondary Collision Brake is applied and brakes to prevent a second collision.

The Emergency Maneuvering Assistance System, which detects a stationary or slow-moving object and interferes with the steering wheel, also contributes to driving safety and driving comfort.

Innovative and inviting

The interior of the new Puma is not only designed to provide an attractive appearance, but also with an ergonomic and convenient architecture that supports the user in everyday life.

The first seats in this segment feature a front lumbar massage, three-way massage system, three-stage intensity adjustment offers comfortable and comfortable journeys. The ergonomic shape of the front seats, which makes it comfortable and firmly grips the backrest, contributes to the knee distance of the rear seat passengers with its slim and elegant structure. Depending on the version, the removable and washable front and rear seat covers help keep the interior of the cab as clean as the first day, while offering the customer a variety of personalization options.

Offering all the possibilities of modern technology, the new Ford Puma offers solutions for the charging needs of the driver and accompanying passengers with two USB ports, apart from the wireless charging feature for compatible smartphones. Not only does it offer a charging solution, the new Puma incorporates the latest technologies for integrating the smartphone into the vehicle system. By connecting the smartphone to the SYNC 3 infotainment system via Bluetooth, the user can manage the audio system and the connected smartphone with simple voice commands.

The advanced B&O Sound System is dynamically optimized to produce the best possible sound quality at all times, regardless of driving conditions. The 150-speaker system, including a subwoofer measuring 200 mm by 10 mm, integrated into the trunk and does not require compromise on trunk volume, offers a unique musical enjoyment. The amplifier with 575 Watt Digital Sound Processor feature perfects the sound system acoustically.

Thanks to the personalized 12,3 inch digital display, drivers can prioritize information such as driving assistance systems or navigation. The 24 bit makes the color display more vivid and brighter, making it easier to read while driving.

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