Today in History: 1 June 1957 Miniature 2 train at the Youth Park in Ankara

Ankara Genclik Parkinda miniature train
Ankara Genclik Parkinda miniature train

Today in History
1 June 1927 was appointed as the first general director of the National War, the military inspector at the National Struggle, on the railway. The law on the signing and exchange of the Aydın line was issued by Law No. 1085. Sarıkamış-Arpaçayı (124 km) was transferred to DDY General Directorate. The line was made by the Russians in 1913. Erzurum-Sarıkamış (232 km) was purchased by DDY. Filyos-Irmak line construction began at Filyos. The construction was done by Nydqvist Holm Company, a Swedish-Danish partnership.
1 June 1929 1482 has passed the law on granting 240 million grants for water works with railways and ports.
1 June 1931 date and 1815 with the law Mudanya-Bursa railway 50.000 TL. purchased in return.
1 June 1934 Balıkesir-Eskipazar (65 km) opened. Construction Sweden-Denmark Grb. Made. The 0rtaköy-Bolkuş line was commissioned.
1 June 1944Tavşanlı-Tunçbilek line (15 km) was opened.
1 June 1957 The miniature 2 train in Ankara Youth Park started to work under the names Mehmetçik and Efe.
1 June 1958 İskenderun Arsus TCDD Recreation Facility was opened.

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