Turkish Airlines Science Expo Hosted Over 200 Visitors

turkish airlines science expo has placed visitors on
turkish airlines science expo has placed visitors on

📩 06/05/2019 11:22

Turkish Airlines Science Expo, which was organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and BEBKA under the name sponsorship of Turkish Airlines this year, was completed by exceeding the targeted figures with 200 thousand 101 workshops and over 1,000 visitors.

In order to educate the qualified workforce of the future and to love science to all segments of the society, Bursa, which is the eighth of the Turkish Airlines Science Expo with the name sponsorship of Turkish Airlines and the organization of Kültür A.Ş. Founded in TUYAP fairground booth 4 and 236 officials to accompany the festival's project competition held in Turkey he was admitted 1780 and 946 finalists for the overall project team, was shared with the participants during the festival. He competed in the Autodesk 50B Design and Modeling Contest with the 3 finalist design skills for first place. 65 team competed in the 11 category in the professional skills competition titled 'Occupations competing'. 630 students and teachers struggled for the first place. The festival which contribute to the training of the required skilled human resource for local and national production, BEBKA, Turkish Airlines, Ministry of Education, Uludag University, Bursa Technical University, Ounce Machine, Distance College, Turkey Technology Team Foundation, TUBITAK Butal, Turksat, ROKETSAN, Aydın Schools, Concept Schools, Tan Schools, Şahinkaya Schools, Osmangazi Schools, Limak, Eker, Coşkunöz, İnoksan Emko, Borçelik, Ermetal, Buski, Poligon Engineering, Beyçelik, İneva, Autodesk, Bosiad, Hairdressers Room, Resource Center, Robjet, Mnç It was supported by important institutions and organizations such as the College and Gold Magesty.

Future labor force meets industrialists

This year 'Digital Turkey' One of the most important features of the festival, held under the main theme was the young people who are the future work force to meet with Bursa's famous industrialist. The youths had the opportunity to listen to the experiences of important businessmen of the business world by visiting the stands as well as the interviews and panel activities. 200 ended with the award ceremony held at the Turkish Airlines Science Expo, where over a thousand visitors and 101 bin 358 workshop exceeded the targeted figures.

Author of historical solutions

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas participated in the award ceremony of Turkish Airlines Science Expo, anyone who wants to see the problem can see the problem, but the date, but the solution can write to those who said. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality on the one hand physical infrastructure, historical heritage, green space regulation, such as the implementation of services, on the other hand, future generations to give more importance to the projects that they expressed the President Aktaş said, tan Turkish Airlines Science Expo is one of them. After a long preparation period, we had a full festival. The important names of our industry shared the technologies they use in production with our children and young people. I'm sure this will be a great experience for them. These young people will be empowered by the dynamic and qualified individuals in the near future. I would like to thank all of our companies for supporting us in this sense. I believe that our young people who exhibit their skills in the Occupations competing event will exhibit their skills for the benefit of our country by going into business life in the near future. Bursa has a good potential with its strong industry. That's why we need to offer our young people a good education as well as good guidance, prepare them for their professional life and expand their horizons. This year, we aimed to do this with our first career club. Turkish Airlines Science Expo was the meeting point of solution-producing minds. We did a project competition across Turkey this year as every year. I thank all participants. If we do not take concrete steps towards our children, who are the future of our country and our country, we have no right to dream for tomorrow. I would like to thank the Turkish Airlines Science Expo 2020 for its contribution to the festival and the world. Teşekkür

Following the speeches, President Aktaş and BEBKA Secretary General İsmail Gerim, the Provincial Director of National Education Sabahattin Dülger and AK Party Province Deputy Chairman Mustafa Sayılgan, and 7 presented their awards to the winners in different categories.

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