THY's Germany-Turkey Will Be Discounts on Flights MI?

It will be on sale in germany turkey plane ticket Thyne
It will be on sale in germany turkey plane ticket Thyne

Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, who attended the International Transport Forum (ITF) in Leipzig, Germany, answered questions about the agenda.

Turhan, Turkish Airlines Germany-Turkey Turhan reminded that the demands of citizens towards ensuring mutual reductions in air fares, is a public company THY ring and rules, he said. . I am not the chairman of THY. I hear that our citizens complain about THY ticket prices. I convey to management. "Said Turhan, told us that all the airlines companies such as the rise in oil prices has become Turkey's most valuable brand, THY also affected.

Turhan, mek Does not want to reduce the quality of service. He must be able to sustain his life so that he can compete and maintain this service. Now it's a cheap price, the company's services will fail when it hurts tomorrow. Non-service is the most expensive service. In this case, we may encounter foreign companies. According to him, the profitability rate is not too high for international flights. THY earns from cargo or long-haul flights. They subsidize the lines frequently used with the money they earn by giving quality service to the business world. İş


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