Become An Important Future Centers Intermodal Transport in Turkey

Istanbul airport and improvement works at Kapikul
Istanbul airport and improvement works at Kapikul

The logistic sector is one of the most important factors affecting the success of the countries in foreign trade in the globalizing world. This strong ties in trade between Turkey and EU countries, is largely reflected in the transport and logistics sector.

Turkey's demand for transport in parallel with the increase in the volume of foreign trade with the European Union is also concerned at the rapid increase.

The most important development in the recent period is the fact that with the opening of Istanbul Airport, our country has taken the claim of being an international transfer center a step further. With the completion of the transition to the new airport, the cargo companies providing storage services move their warehouses to the new airport. Cargo agencies continue to serve at both airports, because the cargo aircraft continue to land at Atatürk Airport. In the future, a planned cargo city project is one of the existing plans and the total size of this city is expected to be 1,4 million square meters. When this project is completed, a wider global transportation network with Europe will be of great benefit to both our sector and our economy.

Seaway maritime seen necessary to assess the Turkey-European relations in terms of transport and the European Union as well as an indispensable part of the transport sector for Turkey and constitute approximately xnumx's percent of world trade. This situation shows that the importance of our ports is increasing day by day. Turkey's Ambarli, Pendik, Alsancak, Çeşme and Mersin ports of Ro-Ro vessels with Italy's Trieste, France Toulon and Sete Greece out of Lavrio port transported cargo to Europe and cover a large part of foreign trade.

Turkey and the EU, liberalization of the railway sector and work to increase the quality of infrastructure continues. Turkey international railway network and developing the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway Marmaray / Bosphorus Tube Crossing modern Iron Silk Road aims to give effect to the passing of the Asia-Europe railway corridor to life. Meanwhile, the European-located within the transit corridor between South Asia, which will contribute to the development of the Trans Asian Railway line "Pakistan-Iran-Turkey railway line" with Pakistan and India to Europe connection is provided. Both increased trade with both opened new lines of freight traffic between Europe and Turkey are expected to increase further in the coming period.

If we come to intermodal transport; In addition to its low cost advantage, it has become a preferred transportation method due to its efficient and environmentally friendly approach. Many Turkish logistics firm is committed to develop new intermodal line in Turkey-Europe line. Ro-Ro lines, the Bosphorus and Dardanelles Straits transition projects, TRACECA Transport Corridor, the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Line, Silk Wind Block Train project with the completion of the project and other projects Turkey will become an important center of intermodal transportation.

Another mode in demand in transportation between Turkey and the European Union countries emerges as the highway. However, long delays at border gates are considered to be negative aspects of this mode in terms of speed and cost. This causes great losses to the industry long wait, the Turkey-EU countries is damaging to the economy and foreign trade. Despite his Customs Union Agreement with Turkey to the European quota of free movement of goods and lasts criminal practices in large quantities. These negative factors prevent the achievement of the expected targets in transport rates.

As a result of the efforts of UTIKAD, improvements have been initiated for the long TIR tails in Kapikule. It is one of our expectations for the additional platforms and planned customs gates, as well as the appointment systems and electronic queues for check and bill applications. These initiatives could foresee increased road freight traffic between Turkey and the EU countries as a result.

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