They compete for a clean world

They're Playing For A Clean World
They're Playing For A Clean World

The İzmir Waste Battery Collection Campaign bir, which was conducted with the Environment Week under the leadership of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and turned into an exciting race among the schools every year, started with colored images. İZELMAN Kindergartens' students called for a clean world with dance and music performances.

Excitement started in the 'Waste Battery Collection' campaign organized by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's Portable Battery Manufacturers and Importers Association (TAP) and district municipalities and each year a new record was broken. Environmental friends who want to participate in the campaign, collected during the year 30 May May by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality entrance to the booth at the entrance of the entrance to the piggy bank was reported. The collected waste batteries will be evaluated in the 8 category including children, young people, adults, kindergartens, schools, muhtarliks, district municipalities and our Home Family Child Youth Support Center. As a result of weighing, the highest amount of waste battery collectors will receive their awards at a ceremony to be held in June at the Historical Gas Plant in 12. The environment friends will receive awards such as notebook, tablet computer, desktop computer, table tennis table and set, sports set, chess set, smart board and printer.

Yıldız Devran, Deputy Secretary General of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, who pointed out to the protection of the environment and nature during these periods when the effects of climate change are experienced, said ına The most important thing we can do about this is to educate our children and young people. Heavy metals in waste batteries can pollute the earth and tons of water for hundreds of miles. In time, it threatens the lives of all of us. If our children and young people didn't support this much, we wouldn't be able to continue this work. Therefore, I would like to thank again for the sensitivity of the people of Izmir. We can buy toys that do not use battery-powered appliances to our children, we can use rechargeable instruments as adults in.

The ceremony which was held due to the start of the campaign brought color to the students of İZELMAN Kindergartens with their performances.


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