TCDD 7. Victim Victim

machinists negligent kurbani
machinists negligent kurbani

TCDD Afyonkarahisar Vehicle Maintenance Service Directorate of Tavşanlı, Burdur and Kütahya Locomotive Wagon Car Maintenance chiefs 220 who work as chief mechanic staff due to the negligence of an official of the General Directorate of dispensers in all regions were unable to get the tablets distributed.

In our country, TCDD General Directorate of Transportation has taken action to reduce the accidents after the train accidents in the last years. The General Directorate has collected the requests by writing to the Car Maintenance Service Directorates connected to the regional directorates in order to make the train services safely and to record the train information in order to stay alive and regular in the PPM system. In accordance with the collected demands, he took the tablets and distributed them to the mechanics.

According to the claims TCDD Afyonkarahisar Vehicle Maintenance Service Directorate. By not responding to the demand letter sent by the General Directorate, approximately 220 personnel working in the Car Care Chiefs of Tavsanli, Burdur and Kutahya Province connected to the center of Afyonkarahisar prevented them from receiving the tablet computers distributed to other regions. After learning that their colleagues in other regions had reached their tablet computers, they transferred the problem to the managers of the Demiryol-İş Union.

Answering questions from ODAK about the subject, Demirar-Is Afyonkarahisar Branch President Muharrem Uslu said, sor TCDD 7. As a result of the initiatives of our Regional Manager Adem Sivri, 220 sent a request to our mechanic friend for sending tablets to the Department of Traffic and Station Management. I also expressed the issue in our general assembly in the past months. The politicians who participated in our congress have witnessed this. We expect our mechanic friends to reach their tablets as soon as possible Mak. (FOCUS/ Ahmet Sarlık)

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