TCDD and Liman-İş Union Tis Talks Started

tcdd and port trade union start talks
tcdd and port trade union start talks

TCDD, Turkish Heavy Industry and Service Sector Public Employers' Association (TÜHİS) and Liman-İş Union (28). The period collective bargaining agreement was held at 03 May 2019 Friday, at the TCDD Headquarters Large Meeting Hall.

TCDD General Manager Ali Ihsan Uygun, General Secretary of TÜHİS Adnan Çiçek, Liman-İş Union President Önder Avcı and officials attended.


Speaking at the meeting, TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun, TCDD and Liman-İş union between the 27 times so far has been signed a Collective Bargaining Agreement and these contracts on behalf of the Turkish Heavy Industry and Service Sector Public Employers Union (TÜHİS) reminded that carried out by.

The first meeting will start today 28. Stating that the Collective Bargaining Agreement will be conducted by TCDD and TÜHİS, Uygun said, iş The effective period of this collective agreement will start on 01 March 2019 and will end on 28 February 2021.

  1. The term Collective Bargaining Agreement, Haydarpasa and Izmir Port Operation Directorates and Van Lake Ferry Directorate working in the 710 permanent and 157 temporary will cover the total 867 workers. Söz He said.

TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun said that he would like to thank the workers who are working in these establishments for their diligent and productive work, and as for the previous collective bargaining negotiations, 28. He also expressed his belief that the Collective Labor Agreement will be finalized in the framework of mutual good faith rules.

FLOWER: D Make it live now Ç

TUHİS Secretary General Adnan The Flowers, both for themselves and the railways, saying that it is a very important institution for Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's "railways would importance, prosperity and ümran" that the realization of the promise and the railways to investments made this country prosperous and ümran importance, would come to the condition that he said.

Çiçek said that they met in our country with the high speed trains they saw abroad, bunlar Of course they have very important successes and duties of the Ministry of Transportation of the Railways, our Government. Our working brothers who work in these roles have a very important role, they have their hearts. B

Flower, 28. He wished that the Collective Labor Agreement will be beneficial to TCDD, workers and our nation.


Önder Avcı, Chairman of Liman-İş Union, stated that a very comfortable contract was signed in the past years and he believes the same thing will happen in this period and he wishes that the collective labor agreement is already auspicious and beneficial to TCDD employees and trade unions.

Following the speeches, TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun, Liman-İş President Önder Avcı and TÜHİS Secretary General Adnan Çiçek presented flowers to each other.



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