Underpass Flower Openings in Afyonkarahisar

subspecies cicek acti
subspecies cicek acti

Days before the summer months, parks, intersections, underpasses, refugees and city entrances started to be decorated with seasonal flowers.

While the last days of the last spring of rainy, the air temperatures have increased significantly, then the Directorate of Parks and Gardens of Afyonkarahisar Municipality began planting seasonal flowers. As it was before the summer months each year, the Parks and Gardens Directorate teams, which are preparing to equip the city with flowers all around, have already entered a feverish work.


Especially in intersection and middle refuges, new decorative arrangements and the symbol of our city with poppy and castle figured ornaments made using flowers; winter flowers such as tulip, violet and azalea are now replaced with carnations, dahlia and geraniums. The intersections and the refuges, where the works were completed, were appreciated with both their appearance and the beautiful scents of flowers.


In the summer of this year, the Park and Gardens Directorate teams, which aim to plant 390 thousand flowers consisting of carnation, dahlia, steep geranium, chrysanthemum, velvet, ostos, gas, petunia and begonia flowers, continue their work intensively. The teams also provide landscaping works at the city entrances and exits, as well as landscaping, giving an aesthetic appearance to our guests passing through our city.


In the underpasses, modular pot arrangement was made for the first time this year, and three different underpasses were placed in a thousand 100 pots of various colors and drip irrigation system was made at the bottom. Then, in the flower pots, drooping petunia and drooping sardinia were planted. It was learned that the modular flower pot arrangement completed at Atatürk's subway will be applied in other underpasses.

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