Special Railbus for 100th Anniversary of Sivas Congress

special raybus
special raybus

A trip to Divrigi was organized with the Sivas - Divrigi reamer, which was prepared specifically for the 100th anniversary of the Sivas Congress.

Governor of Sivas Salih Ayhan, Mayor Hilmi Bilgin, protocol members and students of Cumhuriyet University Tourism Faculty went to Divrigi district with a raybus specially dressed for the 100th anniversary of the Sivas Congress.

'Culture, Art and Literature with Young People' organized by Sivas Governorship SohbetThe Governor Salih Ayhan, who carried out a new program of the "leri" program with the young people on the rail, shared the culture, history and experiences of the city with the students and answered the questions of the students. During the breaks, songs and folk songs were sung, accompanied by beautiful music performances of Muzaffer Sarısözen Fine Arts High School students.

Ayhan noted that they have signed beautiful events within the scope of the 100th Anniversary Events of Sivas Congress and added, “The 100th anniversary of the congress has contributed very well together and a great excitement has occurred in our city. Everyone's common problem is Sivas and its 100th year spirit. I hope we will make this permanent, ”he said.

Ayhan said that they will introduce the students of Divrigi and historical places, Sivas' pupil and the land of medicine, to the students, “We thank you for accompanying us. We will get the results that will bring Sivas to the place it deserves in tourism together. ” he spoke.

With young people sohbetAfter, Governor Ayhan took the driver's seat of the railbus, which reduced the distance between Sivas and Divriği to approximately 2 hours, providing a comfortable transportation opportunity for its passengers. Governor Ayhan received information about the voyages and the route from the machinists and wished them an accident-free journey.

The delegation, which came to Divrigi with a raybus specially prepared for the 100th anniversary of Sivas Congress, was welcomed by Divrigi District Governor Muhammet Öztabak, the district protocol and the townspeople. Protocol speeches were made after folk dances.

In his speech after Governor Ayhan, Divrigi District Governor and Sivas Mayor, “We want the Sivas Congress to be a year that will be enthusiastic in all aspects of the 100th year and will leave a mark on everyone's mind from 7 to 70. The 100th year reamer will also be very meaningful in this sense, and will create awareness on every route it passes. ” said.

Both Wagons of the Eastern Express will be Dressed

Noting that they made many programs within the scope of the 100th Anniversary Events of Sivas Congress, Governor Ayhan said, “It was very meaningful to dress the raybus, which organizes a trip to Divrigi, with special images for the congress. Likewise, it will make the hidden treasures of Sivas and Divrigi visible by dressing both of the Eastern Express's wagons. Tourism is perception and advertising business. We have this much material, but we cannot promote enough. Our institutional and physical infrastructure has reached a good point. We will bring Sivas and Divrigi to the place it deserves. At the tourism meeting, we mapped out what we can do about tourism in Sivas and Divrigi and we will accelerate this. ”

Governor Ayhan continued his words as follows: “I can give another good news to Divrigi, and one leg of the Eastern Express will be Divrigi. We do not neglect Divrigi in every study we do. The fact that the raybus is in a visual way for a year will add a different beauty to Divrigi. ”

Then, Governor Ayhan visited Divriği Ulu Mosque and Darüşşifası and Divriği mansions, which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, together with the students. Students who had the chance to see the Great Mosque and Darüşşifa closely for the first time could not hide their admiration and took lots of photos.

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