Special Discount for TAV Passport at Petrol Ofisi Stations

special offer at the oil office stations passporta
special offer at the oil office stations passporta

Petrol Ofisi, Turkey's leading brand of two yaptı.tav cooperation and TAV Passport Card holders will receive a discount on all fuel Petrol Ofisi stations.

Petrol Ofisi, Turkey's leading mineral oils and the oil and chemical industry, to provide the consumer with his collaborations with important brands, it continues to offer advantages. Petrol Ofisi was lastly named TAV Operation Services. (TAV) signed an important agreement.

Petrol Ofisi is Turkey's most popular station with chain in cooperation with all the TAV Passport Card is in active use with fuel oil will begin offering discounted services. Petrol Ofisi will make all TAV Passport Card (Classic, Plus and Edition) owners happy with instant discounts.

The physical availability of TAV Passport Cards will be sufficient for the implementation of the discount. The discount will be made through the pump sale price.

Both the infrastructure, the need in the area for many years operating experience and strong position in one of Turkey's most important values ​​such as Petrol Ofisi far in the future will continue to smile on the faces of consumers.



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