Freight Wagon is Sold to the World from Sivas


Turkey Railway Machines Industry General Manager Mehmet Basoglu, has announced the receipt of orders for freight cars sales to European countries.

Başoğlu gave important information about the cargo wagons, which are produced for Poland, Germany and Austria and planned for production. Thanks to the technological investments and system change we have made in recent years, TÜDEMSAŞ has become a global company capable of competing with European companies and adopting accepted competitive products.

In this way, our company has started to produce the most ambitious freight wagons in Europe and attract the attention of foreign logistics companies. In addition, it was a source of pride for us to choose the wagons produced by TÜDEMSAŞ in freight transportation on the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway line. In terms of wagon production, the desire of our visitors from abroad to produce and work together also pleases us.

I would like to share with you a few gospel vital for our organization. Since its establishment, our company has been carrying out the maintenance and revision of the various types of 349.890 wagons in the country and the production of 1953 wagons in total from 31 to 22.489. Today, our company has delivered 2 Sgns freight wagons to Poland. 18 to Germany to make a Megaswing wagon is waiting to be paid, Austria to 120 will deliver the bogie; 8 units are delivered to Austria, again, 150 80 feet container wagons are waiting for the order to wait for the order, and I would expect to pay for the delivery of 50 pieces of bogie to Europe.




    1. congratulations to tudemsas. we expect the same success in tundmsaştan. What% of the freight wagons made by Sivas are domestic materials .. their orders have received the tender .. Is the export price equal to the price of the wagon made to TCDD?